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Being educated is viewed as a must to be successful in the future by many. Among the many types of education the 2 main types are homeschooling and public schools. Kids for the most part hate school, but parent’s disposition is usually finding the best education for their children. However, in order to find the best education they must know their children abilities of learning. I think homeschooling is a better for children since it helps family relation, the environment is safe, and the quality is much better.

In homeschooling you’re with your family constantly. You grow up knowing how your family does culturally and socially. Family mostly do activities and chores together, in which is an essential part of learning. The child is given a value and worth to his family; it makes them feel included and accomplished in the house. Growing up by learning your family social skills is important since it helps in the future. Parents have more experience than you, so that what they have to say is foremost going to be important and helpful rather than learning from kids at school. Knowing a child’s safety is a number one concern for parents.

Homeschool provides a child’s insurance of care. Kids are free from drugs, bullying, and other religion affiliated issues. However, people may say that the environment at home is determined by the parents. Parents could do drugs and substances in front of children that may influence their actions. Even still a survey showed that “less than 30 percent of households kids are shownto drugs” that influence their children. While on the other hand “high schoolers are exposed to 70% of drugs” through friends and acquaintances.

With the type of deaths included through drugs and substances, a homeschooled environment is the safest place for a child. Most importantly, a child’s academic will most likely predict the future of the child. At home the quality of academics is enhanced greatly. Since the parents have the ability with the children’s to choose which academics best fit their ability.

Some of the most successful people like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs did what they wanted to do and achieved greatness. They did that through studying and doing what they enjoyed at home. Kids at home have more exposure to things they would want to do, and to learn by ignoring subjects that won’t have an effect to them in the future. At home getting taught by an online teacher the student teacher ratio is massively reduced. A student can get extra help and ask questions without the hold up of other students. Being educated is anessential for the future.

That all the time and money should be into the quality of education. The high intelligence and experience in homeschooling makes an advantage over public schools. This shows that homeschooling should be a top priority when choosing education. Individuals may think the cost alone for public schools is not enough, however the combined cost of sports, clubs and activities make it hard for families to fund. This implies homeschooling is a better option than public schools, because of its quality of education, welfare for the kids, and stronger family relationship


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