Being in Kazakhstan, I have grown up in

Beingborn in a former Soviet country, in Kazakhstan, I have grown up in the unstableworld of economics, management and businessU1 . Surrounded by the constant economic fluctuations inKazakhstan due to the heavy reliance on oil resources and evaluating the risksof various national companies’ decisions without necessary technologicalsoftware made me feel curious about all these things being interrelated. Once Iread the words of Warren Bennis from one article, who said, “Success inmanagement requires learning as fast as the world is changing”, meaning that theperson should manage to tackle challenges by willing to change and adapt tochange quickly for the sake of the bright future.

As the time passed many technologiesin IT and manufacturing spheres in Kazakhstan has drastically changed the waypeople live. Automated machines in metal processing plants in industrial regionsof our country, energy saving appliances and computer software founded almost ineach house made the life implausible with their absence. Thisfact of the ever-changing world and the thought of a specialist managingenterprises, controlling quality of products and overviewing the financialsystem simultaneously with an ability to keep up with the times has alwaysfascinated me. From that moment on, I definitely knew that my childhood curiositygrew into the passion of my future profession being unique and versatile as wellas entailing me being worth this status.

Being a student with high academic performance atNazarbayev Intellectual school, regarding my academic achievements, I won manyOlympiads and competitions at international, national and regional levels.Starting from the 8th grade, one of my greatest academicachievements was a gold medal for the physics subject, which I won at theinternational Olympiad. This event was the turning point of my endless love tophysics. Additionally, I felt ecstatic when I won the nomination of “InnovativeEnterprise,” in a regional project competition, the nomination of “BestInnovative Project,” in the city project competition, and a bronze medal in theEnglish subject at the 11th grade.

 Another achievement, and reason, for why I am applyingto Stipendium Hungaricum program is my experience attending an intensive studyprogram in Franklin & Marshall University in the United States. About 4years ago, the school I am studying in presented me an opportunity to study oneof the 3 weeks’ elective courses in the USA for free in order to elaborate myknowledge, understand how to be flexible in unknown surroundings and to cope withchallenges on my own. The chance itself was a once in a lifetime gift to studyabroad, but I used it wisely, because an experience of being immersed in anEnglish spoken environment and learning completely unknown subject of biology helpedme to expand my language boundaries and remove any hesitations in discovering anew me as a person and as a global citizen.

Although my mother had worriedabout her lone daughter in another country, upon my return to Kazakhstan, sheknew that my English was significantly improved and that her daughter will be ahealthy, self-sufficient person, who, one day, by studying abroad, will makeher, as a single mother, very proud.Also, through studying physics and biology at A levelI have learnt how to analyze risks in different situations and tacklechallenges by applying innovative strategies. I have always excelled in manysubjects, however, a combination of these was particularly interested to me dueto the acquirement of various skills, which could further indicate me as aversatile person. U1Still don’t know how to start. 


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