“Beginning essence of resolving the conflict but it

“Beginning of philosophy is the recognition of the
conflict between opinions.”

(- Epictets)

     Conflicts in
general terms are basically two divergent views on a same topic by two
different entities. It’s like  force of
two different currents flowing in two different direction . In a same way it
leads to an arousal of tension among parties who proposed those views. Conflict
either in a world of cosmos or anywhere else only cause suffer and engender
another strife within the world community. Conflict are emerged on both the
sphere whether at a lower level , nationally or internationally . Ideology that
is of concerning the distinctive circumstances begets conflicting issues. But
it’s just a frittering away of time if we try to gather the turbulent part
rather quickly hitting pay dirt to resolve it.

Every being has an individualistic approach towards dealing
with a conflict circumstances. Some choose to answer back with force and some
choose to remain under veil of silence. As per my personal philosophy about
dealing with conflict is to work and to act according to time and
circumstances. Usually I prefer to analyse the reasons behind conflicts whether
it reasonably justify the grounds for being inaugurated or merely a chaos. This
period of  gap between the occurrence of
argument and silent treatment is 
actually benificial for both parties to understand the  circumstances and demand of last, current as
well as further situations. This is not only lucrative for abetment of conflict
arising situations but also initiate rational thinkings.

There are core where lies the essence of resolving the
conflict but it should be kept into the mind by both the parties that includes:

1. Patience to be kept by parties which not only
prescribe  listening to each other
carefully but also summarized the eventual set up of the deal.

2. Analysis and meticulously observant towards the direction
in which negotiations are leading to.

3. Constructive, appropriate to the current time, period, or
circumstances and of contemporary interest such form of discussion should be

4. Optimistic and dynamic approach towards the views,
opinions and values which must be welcoming in nature .

5. Multi dimensional thinking must be opted out which should
never reflects negligence towards one party or the other.

       I believe in
the Philosophy of ‘Rectification and Clarification’ .  Inclination on Methodology of ‘ Rectification
and Clarification’ which prefer rectifying the earlier mistake leading to
tension and clarifying the future proposition and agenda. Among International
entities and society on whole this Philosophy could be regenerated as
‘Rectification, Clarification and Ratification’ ie., parties must come together
on one table and discuss the issues by keeping key points in mind ‘rectify’ all
earlier odds and error . All must 
finally come to a peaceful and beneficiary conclusion and furthermore
put explicate future strategy and schemes in process of ‘clarifying’ and at
last to deal with future conflicts and so that none can further disturb the
working , entities can legally bind each other with ‘ratifying’ of deals. This
could possibly be efficacious in changing crux 
and dissent status quo  arising

 What one must
perceive here is aftermath of this collisions of ideas and beliefs on the
society , its relationship ,organized structures and all other subsequent
factors falling within the ambit of this resoluteness whether profuse new
ideologies or thwaked at ground.

Impact of conflict cannot be surmised at very beginning as
the assumption and presumption play a vital role  upon what we prefer settling  the realm of our thoughts and ideas for
dealing with upcoming situations. It could be both positive and negetive in
nature. Still having a gimlet eye , under a substantially postulated theory
conflicts are deemed to be leading negetive and destructive effect on an
individual or organizational or any international relationship.

a) Conflicts leads to propensity for violence, aggression
and frustrated attitude for to be laxed about personal and professional issues.
Aptness to look for reasonable classification of circumstances and events is
severely hampered.

b) Not only it closes door for other opportunities but also
shut down innovative aspirations for further development and changes among the
society and its people which is specifically due to intentional birling on a
futile issues.

c) One of the major effect is it become more deteriorate and
took menace form when the conflicting parties don’t prefer taking an initiative
to come on the table to resolve their issues and this effect not only
territorial peace but peace of other nations as well.

          Although positive
impact can be construed by having these points at cynosure ie., it

a) Somewhere leads change in the sphere either organization
or industrial work place etc. which might lead to uplifting in particular

b) It leads to a competition among rival entities which
cause them to work and utilize their resources in more efficient ways to
increase productivity and prolific development. Innovative ideas for betterment
can be emerged out of circumstances as well .

          On track of
reading about various theorists and their ideology , two of them seems quite
influential to me. Their inspiring opinions and diversified thoughts and
analysis  on every subject is worth
giving a read. First is,  Chanakya who
was an Indian teacher, philosopher, economist, jurist and royal advisor. He is
traditionally identified as Kau?ilya or Vishnugupta, who authored the ancient
Indian political treatise, the Arthashastra. While conflicting views on
politics , economy ,law and governance his works lay out canan competent
answers. Second is, Swami Vivekanand who was a saint and a learned philosopher
. His reinterpretation of social relationship, society and value system was
highly influential to not only in Indai but to all other Western countries as
well. While understanding the social relation , society and its people and
various humanitarian thoughts his piece of work is truly  puissance.

      Instances are many when our thought and
thinking about dealing with chaotic situations changes. In this world of
dynamic change stagnant plight is one of the most unrealistic way to deal with
any condition.    ‘Society is known for
its change so as Human Being is known for its adaptability’. My philosophy of
dealing with conflict is changed over periods of time. My personal view of
rearranging my facts and dealing them as discrete units was certainly a pivotal
change. It feels to me mas a radical overhaul of my existing regulatory
structure and much more is yet to achieve.


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