Before and had experienced first hand racism and

Before Lorraine Hansberry wrote “A Raisin in the sun” she had experienced many of the things that happened in the play. Although Lorraine enjoyed a middle class life, she had also seen poverty and had experienced first hand racism and terrorism. Lorraine Hansberry was a visionary because issues she highlighted in “A Raisin in the sun” still impact marginalized communities today such as: poverty, terrorism, and racism. Although Lorraine Hansberry had never experienced  poverty in her life she still witnessed poverty in marginalized communities and was something she depicted in her play. Hansberry placed great emphasis on the Younger’s apartment,this was to show that the family was in poverty and in a poor community. “Weariness has, in fact, won in this room. Everything has been polished, washed, sat on, used, scrubbed too often. All pretenses but living itself have long since vanished from the very atmosphere of this room.” (Hansberry, 1).In the depiction of the Younger’s living room the level of perpetual poverty experienced by the family is revealed. This is later confirmed as Travis asked Ruth for 50¢ and she said they don’t have it. Lorraine Hansberry was often viewed as a visionary because of her ability to predict many of the relevant issues to the African American communities today. From the 1950s  until today poverty has been a problem in black communities. Poverty that poor African American experience is often different from poverty of poor white people. In short poor black families are much more likely to experience poverty and live in a community with poverty. This creates what sociologist call the double burden of poverty.  “In five-year American Community Survey data from 2009-2013, more than a third of all poor African Americans in metropolitan Chicago live in high-poverty census” (The Washington Post). From statics shows that the Chicago show today is not very different from the Chicago shown in  “A Raisin in a sun”. In which Hansberry portrays an unbreakable cycle of poverty driven by racism. Jargowsky has an idea for how to reverse these trends: what if they build community housing which is cheaper  and reflects the income makeup of the entire metropolitan area. One other statistic shows that a black man with no criminal record is less likely to get a job than a white man with a criminal record, this just does not make sense and is one of the greatest reasons why most black communities are in poverty.  Hansberry has also detected that terrorism would still haunt us today.People often think terrorism is an act that can only be committed to a population or country, but acts of terrorism have also been committed to a specific race. During Lorraine’s childhood her family moved to an all white neighborhood, but the community refused and took the family to court although they won this scared Lorraine at a very young age. In “A Raisin in the sun” Mrs. Johnson shows Lena the paper that another bomb has been set off recently and was believed to be a white supremacist who set it off and was targeting African Americans. “You mean you ain’t read ’bout them colored people that was bombed out their place out there?” (Hansberry,101). From this quote Mrs.Johnson is speaking like this happens often and is telling the Youngers not to move. These colored people were killed because they had enough money to move away from communities struck with poverty and the get bombed. This is an act if terrorism and hate crime. Hansberry viewed this and predicted that it might never go away, and she predicted right, from the 1990 until today black churches have been a target. Most Americans know the day september 15, 1963 when the bombing of the 16th street church in Alabama when the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) killed four girls, and this is not the first. Hands full of terror attacks on churches have been committed during the civil movement era. From a static shown by the Atlantic a wave of fire bombings hit black churches. In 1996 a congressional hearing was held and over two dozen churches were mentioned and were discussed how to stop these attacks.  “They died between the sacred walls of the church of God,” Reverend Martin Luther King said. “And they were discussing the eternal meaning of love.”. This disgusting gruesome crime was not really necessary and started conflicts and aroused anger in black communities and that trend has since increased. In 2013 the FBI have identified 3,563 victims of racially motivated hate crime, black constituted sixty-six percent of the total and twenty-one percent were victims of anti-white bias. The biggest reason Lorraine Hansberry is considered a visionary is because the fact she knew racism is an ongoing problem and would stay for generations. Many people assume that racism is simple between black and white however it is not that simple. In Lorraine Hansberry’s “A raisin in the sun” the main theme is racism and how it impacts the Younger’s daily life. An example of how racism is shown in the play is how Ruth Lena and Walter all work for white people. When Ruth gets sick she tells Lena how her boss will react and Lena tells her i will tell them you got the flu. MAMA Well, let her have it. I’ll just call her up and say you got the flu RUTH (Laughing) Why the flu?MAMA ‘Cause it sounds respectable to ’em. Something white people get, too. They       know ’bout the flu. Otherwise they think you been cut up or something when you tell ’em you sick. (Hansberry, 8)  When Ruth asks why she chose the flu she says because it is respectable. The thinking here is that white people can not get the same sickness as black people. Perhaps the best example of racism is the main plot after the Youngers rejected Linders offer there was an uproar from the community, despite the fear of being attacked Lena still wanted to move because it was her dream. This phenomenon still impacts today’s African Americans. Since the civil war that tore America apart ended slavery officially but are black people really free and why do we need movements such as black lives matter or the movement for black lives. Racism is a continuing problem in America but that is just the beginning. About two-hundred and thirty two people were killed by U.S. police in 2016 according to the Washington Post and 34% of them were unarmed black men. These killing again lead to large protests and movements. “The Post found that 34 percent of the unarmed people killed in 2016 were black males, which is quite disproportionate since black men make up only 6 percent of the U.S. population.” (HUFFPOST) from the statics shown this has been an ongoing problem and needs a solution this is also inhumane and is disgusting. Killing by police is not only the problem another problem is black men being killing in prison, about 3% of the black men in jail are killed and the reason was found. In one horrific study by the Vera Institute shows black kids are given a direct route to prison at a very young age. Black kids are more likely to be disciplined at school, that is what experts call the school-to-prison pipeline. This is extremely heartbreaking statistics prove the little chance these black kids have are thrown away at a very young age. This portrays that there is still a lot  of work to be done to promote equality in America.Lorraine life experience as a African American women and the struggles she faced gave her a first hand account of what hercommuntie faced making the play more authentic as she highlights the problems African Americans face in the United States. These major issues and barriers need to be dealt with and completely remove them, to improve the social and economic reality of African Americans in this modern age.                                


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