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Before, only the wealth people could purchase engraved cufflinks. Today, because of modern technology, engravable cuff links are within reach and is easy on the budget. Engravable cuff links are great to be given as gifts, both to men and women. More and more women today have started wearing cuff links since the 1970’s.

  Women had started to remove their engravable cuff links during the 1960’s to 1970’s era because of ‘revolutionary’ philosophies brought about by hippies and activists during those times. No rules, no etiquette and no formal clothing were in then. So, a formal accessory, such as a pair of cufflinks, was removed from the list of day-to-day clothing and office wear.It was only now that women and men alike have been starting to revive the wearing of engravable cuff links. The people of today have seen beauty and sophistication with the ‘vintage.’ Engravable cuff links with vintage designs have been gaining popularity in the cuff links market.Engravable cuff links are pecfect as gifts by grooms to their groomsmen, by an employee to a boss, or a boss to his employees. Engravable cuff links, unlike other gift ideas such as a pen or a book, will truly surprise any person who will receive it as a gift.

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It is unusual and very personal. Engravable cuff links can be personalized unlike the other cuff links design out there. Watch cuff links are not engravable since they are functional. If we insist on engraving a design onto a watch cuff links, the ticking watch won’t work anymore. Engravable cuff links are usually plain in design, either in sterling silver or gold in color.What is the best design for engravable cuff links? If a company will give the engravable cuff links to its clients as gifts, the company logo or insignia should be requested to be engraved in the smooth surface of engravable cuff links.

 If a pair of engravable cuff links will be given to an employee or a friend or a special someone, better ask the cuff links engraver to engrave the initials of the person who will receive the engravable cuff links.Engravable cuff links will be more unique if it has a small locket hidden on each cuff link. There are locket cuff links in stores that have a smooth frontal design to enable the engraving of any design onto the surface.

 Engravable cuff links may be worn in any occasion or even daily as your everyday accessories to your office shirt. For a day-to-day wear, it is best to buy a pair of engravable cuff links in sterling silver than in gold.  Sterling silver cuff links are easier to pair with nearly all sorts of colors, especially those colors that are dominant in the working force such as gray, black, white, blue, navy blue, and green, unlike gold silver cuff links.Cuff links should be kept in a special case to avoid misplacing these small items. You may either buy a leather or silk cuff link box or tray. These cuff link boxes or trays come with a special jewelry compartment where you can store your necklace, bracelets and rings.

Cuff link boxes or trays are also one of the best gift ideas for your friends and loved ones.


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