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Beforemoving on to the chapter-2, I would like to say about the sex differences isthat the only thing that makes men and women most different is their physical bodies.

Traits do not differentiate men and women. All the genders have the same traits.As we talked about in the class that women seem to discuss more than menbecause they have verbal centres on both sides of brain while men only have oneon the left side. Women are more emotional than men because they have a higherdensity of neural connections in the brain.Asa biology major, I would like to say that I really liked this CH-2 studying Sexand Gender because it had talked about so far about researches and samplingthat you need to know for working in a stat lab. As I start reading the chapterthey talked about maximalist approach which is the tendency to emphasizedifferences between members of the different sex groups, and view them asqualitatively different.

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On the other hand, minimalist approach is the tendencyto emphasize similarities between members of the different sex group. In theclass we discussed what quantitative methods and techniques are? In thechapter, there were examples given such as experimental, ex post facto, Quasi-experimental(person-by-treatment) and correlational. The qualitative methods included casestudies, interviews, focus groups, narrative research and ethnography. In themiddle of the chapter I read how Meta-Analysis tell us about sex differences. Ameta-analysis is a Quantitative technique for analyze a large collection ofresults from individual studies for the purpose of integrating the researchfindings. In Meta-analysis, the unit of analysis is typically an affect size,which is measure of the magnitude and direction of a difference between groupsor of the strength of a relationship between variables.

At the end, I wouldjust like to include that I took the course called “Sexuality in religiouscontext”, where I learnt how religion and socialization contributes to traditionalgender stereotypes, in the bible it said that how the first human is Adam(male)and on the other hand, Eve (female) showed as the property of Adam. It was amale dominating society, people who pray more often are more likely to acceptthis traditional view of gender roles.  


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