Because He loves us. Communication is essential in

Because parent-child relationships arecrucial in the social, spiritual, and mental development of children, parents mustequip their children with the tools needed to have successful relationships inthe future. Children initially learn about relationships from their ownfamilies, from which the parents provide a model for them to buildrelationships throughout their lives. Children who have the model of a healthyfamily relationship are more prepared to form these relationships with other children and adults beyond theirown families. Modelingis a fundamental but often overlooked factor in a child’s development.

Often,parents focus on verbal teaching, ultimately forgetting that actions do indeed speaklouder than words. The quality of the parents’ marriage has asmuch influence on his future mental and physical health and well-being as the parent-childrelationship. The most significant relationship in any familyis the marital one, and the best way to parent is be an example for children byloving one another.

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It is vital that parents value a strong marriage in order toprovide the children security. Parents shouldpractice and gain the main source of instruction regarding healthyrelationships from Scripture. The Bible, and Jesus Christ himself, providesinstruction on how we are to live in harmony with others.

The Bible is filled with examples of beautifulrelationships that were built on loyalty and love, not convenience and ambition. Teaching children the value of relationships should comeby looking to the Word for truths and stories that encourage authentic heartconnections. As a person grows inrelationship with Jesus, he will better understand the meaning of a pure relationship andlearn to love in the way He loves us.

Communication is essential in relationships as itallows one to share his concerns and interest, work together, and support eachother. Communication is not about who isright or wrong, but instead about understanding one another, and ultimately,avoiding unneeded arguments. The communication between parents andchildren drives their bond and functions to socialize children. Talking and listening playsan important role in an effective connectional relationship. If the relationshiplacks in communication, it could make the connection weak and cause it to fallapart.

 Effective parent-child communication is the basis of positive parent-childinteractions and high self-worth in children. Furthermore, effectivecommunication between parents and children prevents problematic behavior andhelps children understand how to interact successfully with others.  


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