Beauty In Korea, where the city is known

Beauty isessential especially for females, which focus on beauty. Of course, if there isa face that can impress the viewer. Confidence will happen and what followswill surely work.

At the very least, it encourages the psychology of thegeneral. The first impression makes the viewer friendly and has a positivemind, so it’s a matter of looking at one of the most important aspects oflooking at or judging people from beautiful face. Humans cannot choose to beborn and are not happy with their face or shape. Current medical technology itcan be created for appearance better from surgery to beauty. Cosmetic surgeryhas become a normal thing to do. In Korea, where the city is known for operation.Surgery is an attractive must-do, so today’s beauty can be created in the blinkof an eye. Consequently, the beauty of the surgery, it may not be true ineveryone and every time, because we often see news in newspapers or othermedia.

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Many people who do surgery do not make life better, but on the otherhand, it has many consequences. However, plastic surgery can to make it worse.While the surgeon cannot vouch for the safety and impact plastic surgery canhave. Therefore, the decision to make surgery is necessary to considercarefully; before making any decision, no matter what gender or age. Especiallyin teenagers who want to do plastic surgery for beauty, they need to thinkharder than other people. Because of the nature of the people in this age isbright and beautiful and then with a younger age, sometimes the decision may bewrong.

Sometimes, even cosmetics, if used incorrectly, it may make the brightskin becomes dull more than to create a beautiful owner. However, the use ofcosmetics to make up the offensive, it can be removed and re-created. But forsurgery, if you decide to do it in the case of a return to the original, it isdifficult. It is more difficult to make the face back to the original.Therefore, the decision to make plastic surgery, it must be reasonable enoughfor the teenager, so it is not appropriate to get plastic surgery because it islike a two-edged sword can cause a beautiful and can cause danger to life aswell.The history ofplastic surgery referrals from Backstein (2005) documents reconstructivesurgery was created in 600 B.C.

In ancient India and India’s health researchskills to begin to repair the nose, which is known as rhinoplasty that resultsfrom amputation as one of the Indian punishment system. However, the drivingforce behind the most plastic surgery was the war. When World War I began inthe late 1800s and early 1900s (Schnur 2007), at that time plastic surgery wasused as a treatment for facial wounds, Breaking out the jaw, nose, and lips aresplattered, and also cause skull wounds due to modern weapons. The developmentof plastic surgery began when the United States began to participate in the warin 1917. After the war was over, new and innovative reconstructive surgeryimplants were needed, as the discharged soldiers were abnormal. Of a facecannot find a job, find a wife or just walk down the street like normal people.The reason for having plastic surgery isabout psychology and involves the body image, which refers to the subjectiveperception of the body as seen through the eyes of the mind.

To explain whyexternal changes affect the personality and behavior of complex psychologicalreactions that occur after an operation or the shape of a body size arereviewed. Physical development occurs at various stages and puberty ischaracterized by an important period, especially when teenagers undergo significantchanges in their physical appearance and in times of risk to their wellbeingand vulnerability to the opinion of others. Surgery to correct aberrantfeatures has been very successful and there is no conflict with thispopulation. Teenagers have undergone self-restructure after surgery withpositive changes in behavior and interpersonal interactions. So reasons whyteenagers undergo plastic surgery because Pressure from friends,that according to Hirsh (2006), teenagers view plastic surgery as a way tobe accepted by friends and peers. For teenagers, friends play a very importantrole in life.

Most teens spend time with their friends and focus on the resultsaround them. As a result, teens may have the idea that they want what theirfriends have so they feel comfortable with their friends. Another importantaspect is the plastic surgery to improve self-esteem. Studies have shown thatimproving the satisfaction of the body after plastic surgery (Zukerman 2005).Teens with a genetic defect such as a birthmark or large hip may make them feelpessimistic about their abnormal appearance. They may also get a disgusted viewfrom friends or others. Plastic surgery is a way for them to build up theirself-confidence, as cruel comments towards them will reduce.

Self-esteem iscreated in people who face difficulties in their lives because of their naturalappearance. They have problems when talkingto society with people and they plastic surgery can help get rid of bad attitudes and cruel opinionsfrom people. Plastic surgery statistics according to ASPS (2007), cosmeticoperations totaled 11.8 million in the year. In 2007, the rate was increased by7%. In 2006, non-surgical aesthetic surgery or minimally invasive cosmeticprocedures were performed, with over 1.

8 million cosmetic surgeries inoperation. In the case of 11.8 million patients, 0.2 million teenagers aged 13to 19 years. According to the survey of teenagers in Thailand, the survey foundthat today, cosmetic surgery has received widespread attention, the surgery ispopular and the survey also found more interesting information. Thai people areinterested in plastic surgery to 57.77%, which is a group of people interestedand began cosmetic surgery. Average age decreases by age-based survey, it wasfound that Young people aged 18-22 years were the most interested in cosmeticsurgery to 68.

88%. The top five aesthetic surgery performed by a teenager isrhinoplasty. (Rhinoplasty) (38,886 steps), Breast reduction in adolescent boys(16,400 procedures), Breast augmentation (Surgical procedures 10,500 times inadolescents 18 to 19 years) otoplasty surgery (8,062 procedures) andliposuction (4,950) procedures). The results of the survey showed that plasticsurgery in teenage are very popular and received attention. If  considerthis to be a sign that many teenagers are using plastic surgery to supplementtheir work or self-confidence because of the use of plasticsurgery can make the problem of “surgical addiction” is thesymptom of those who are not satisfied with their appearance at all.

And needssurgery to modify the mind is endless. The cause of this condition is mainlyfrom BBD or “Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BBD)” or the symptoms that thepatient is obsessed with his own body and Self-esteem, which is the cause ofthe problem through surgery. In the number of people who undergo surgery is nota small number of BBD so before surgery is the duty of the surgeon to talk toask questions to determine the state of mind and the opportunity that thesurgeon will have. Because of the high risk that patients with BPD will repeatsurgery in the future. In addition to dyspnea, other causes cause the patientto undergo surgery again and again until the addiction to surgery.

Also due tothe use of surgery to solve the problem does not spot. These problems such asunderstand that surgery will adjust or correct their own unhappiness orunderstand that surgery can cure problems in life. Many times, surgery has beenlinked to the stresses of life. Some people make plastic surgery to find a jobeasier or want to be accepted by others or somebody to do to heal the mindafter being unemployed or broken hearted and think that their appearance is oneof the reasons for being abandoned. In fact, the purpose of surgery is tocorrect the appearance, but it cannot solve the problem of life in depth orreal.                             In conclusion,Teenagers often decide to undergo plastic surgery before considering theirrisk, and most are underage enough to think of certain factors that could havea lifelong effect.

According to this research report, the risks of plasticsurgery are too large for teenagers who have just stepped into their lives. Inconclusion, it is not worth the risk that teenagers have plastic surgery inchildhood just to improve his appearance. They must consider the risk ifsurgery is a mistake that will last a lifetime.


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