The Syndrome was the case in this case

The classical manner in which the Battered Women Syndrome is portrayed in its victims is described to occur in four stages; denial, guilty, enlightenment and responsibility (, 2004). Denial is the first stage and is the period during when the victims is described to be in complete denial of the problems affecting her (Letswrap.

com, 2004); because Winkler had lived with her late husband for more than 10 years we must assume this stage must have already passed which is a fact that is supported by this theory. The second phase is described as the guilty stage (, 2004); in this phase the victim somehow admits to the existence of a problem but which they attribute to themselves unfortunately. Based on the circumstances of the case, this fact too is consistent with the events that preceded the murder itself, at least to an extent. This is because during the trial the victim laments how she tried to “to force him to talk through their problems” which is a clear indication of recognition of a problem and desperation in solving that problem which was probably not the first time (Letswrap.

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com, 2004). It is unclear what stage that Winkler was, but is clear is that she was suffering from Battered Women Syndrome and should have consequently been acquitted based on that fact in line with the legal principle of Battered Woman Defense.

Reply to Teresa

Teresa I concur with you as far as the issue of Battered Women Syndrome is concerned which we agree was more likely the case here, more so given that it appears to have dragged for approximately ten years. But since you mention that you think she grew tired of it, I have one question to ask regarding this assertion. In my opinion it appears that she actually didn’t get tired of it because it appears that the murder was by accident based on the facts of the case. Because it was not premeditated we cannot say she got tired and decided enough is enough, all the same do u think this was cold blood murder given that the preacher was shot on the back?

Reply to Tamera

Tamera, it appears to me like you have sidetracked the real question of what you really think regarding whether Winkler was suffering from Battered Women Syndrome by instead choosing to restate what Winkler stated during the trial. In addition, given that she claims that it was an accident what other factors do you thinks make this more of murder case rather than an accident besides the lack of struggle during the fight that you mention?

Reply to Nena

Nena I concur with you that the facts of the case are not enough under the circumstances to give us clear cut evidence of whether Battered Women Syndrome was the case in this case or whether this was cold blood murder or an accident for that matter. As for the issue of how long she should have undergone the therapy don’t you think that this shouldn’t be pegged on the severity of the crime done by the patient if that is the case, but rather to the doctor’s opinion regarding the mental healthiness of the patient before they are released back to the society?

Question two

There are many myths in the society regarding rape which include the fact that “a man cannot rape his wife” (Hamlin, 2001).

This is a myth that has been so common in the society because it is always believed that a woman is obliged to have sex with her husband at any given time and place as long as the husband wants to have sex, in fact, many women have always gone through some form of sexual abuse within a marriage (Hamlin, 2001). However, the fact is that, sex between a husband and a wife should be totally out of consent at all times. Another myth is that, “sexual assault occurs between strangers” (Hamlin, 2001).

Most people believe in this myth, however; most of the rape victims usually know the people who rape them since some are close friends, relatives or even a spouse (Hamlin, 2001). A victim of rape suffers physical, psychological and emotional damages, besides; a woman who has been raped always develops a strong fear and negative attitude towards men (Smith, 2004). Due to the intensity of damage caused by such acts of rape, the opinion is that, all rapists should severely be punished to set a good example for others and also pay for the crime committed.


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