Bassam protein purification, electrophoresis and spectrophotometry, western

Bassam Alhasson, M.D.

             Houston, TX 77063 | (917) 539 7575 | [email protected]

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jo Re:Research Position for Medical Doctor Dear PI, Thank you for taking the time to reviewmy CV. I have graduated in 2015 from Jordan University of Science andTechnology with an M.D.  I’m planning to pursue a career in basicresearch and want to apply for a Ph.D. program next year. I havethe GRE and TOEFL exams with 312 and 100 scores, respectively.

 I live in Houston and have EmploymentAuthorization Document (EAD) and SSN and do not needvisa sponsorship. I am interested in an unpaid research position in a basic science lab and would like to contribute to vitalbiomedical research for a commitment for at least 12 months.  I am a motivated individual looking to developand learn new research skills and knowledge. This is particularly useful as itwill be done in a prestigious setting as MD Anderson. During medical school, I havetaken several lab courses in cell biology, biochemistry, genetics, and microbiology as well as volunteer towork in the lab during my free time whereI worked with Cell culture, PCR, electrophoresis, ELISA,DNA sequence analysis, protein purification, electrophoresis andspectrophotometry, western blotting techniques. Also, I’m experiencedin performing statistical analysis using SPSS and proficient in managingdatabases sheets using Excel.

While working with Dr. Ala-Eddin Al Moustafa, Ph.D. inhis cancer biology laboratory at College of Medicine-Qatar University, I successfully applied my skills andperformed general cell culture technique, which involved the maintenance and growthof various cell lines.Furthermore, my strong attention to detail, excellent communicationskills and ability to contribute to team projects in IFMSA-JUST demonstrate myteam spirit.

 I believe I have the necessary skills and experience to be part of your Institute’s/Lab’s/MD Anderson, and I am excitedabout the opportunity to contribute to the development of vital, cutting-edgeresearch. Thank you, in advance, for your consideration. I lookforward to hearing from you in the near future.Sincerely,BassamAlhasson


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