To avoid wastage of human and material resources in order to get larger income from expenditure. This income should be shared between the management and the workers. 3. Management should assure a happier home and surrounding to the workers by removing disagreeable factors. 4. Individually and socially, healthy conditions of work should be provided to the member of the organization.

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5. Maximum opportunities should be provided for the highest development of individual’s capacity through scientific method of work assignment and selection, training, transfer and promotion. 6. Training should be imparted to workers so that they may develop newer capabilities and at the same time becomes eligible for promotion. 7. Steps should be taken for the development of self confidence and self respect among workers.

8. An atmosphere for research should be created where workers could develop the capacity to express and understand the aims and objectives of the organization. 9. In order to promote justice, discrimination in wages should be avoided.

10. Factors which cause conflict and a feeling of intolerance should be eliminated from the environment. The above general aims and objectives formed an integral part of the philosophy of scientific management. The basic philosophy of Taylor’s scientific management was that there was a need of fundamental change of attitude on the part of both manager and man. He spoke of “mental revolution” on the part of both employer and employees.


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