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The basic beliefs of Buddhism are the Four Noble truth. It is said that to understand more the life and the suffering, we must accept the existence of the four truths. First is the truth of pain and suffering. We are destined to suffer throughout our life.

Second is the truth of the origin of suffering. He said that the real root of all the pain we experience is our own desire and ignorance. Third is the truth of the end of suffering, somehow, our suffering will come into an end if we understand how to put an end to it.Lastly, is the truth of the way leading to the end of suffering. In order to end all our suffering, we must follow the Eightfold path. This will release us to the binds of ignorance and personal desires. Buddhism: In a Global Perspective Zen Buddhists believe that life is full of suffering. In order to release ourselves from suffering we must follow the path towards enlightenments.

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These beliefs had made the Buddhist intact in their own beliefs. They have so much faith that every thing good that they will do will go back to them.One of the major concepts of Buddhism that many people also believe in it is Karma. It is the cause and effect relationship of our actions. They believed that if we did something wrong, it will backfire to us and on the contrary, if we did something good, it will come back to us.

This belief had been an effective way of disciplining Buddhist and preventing them to do something against their faith. This concept is widely used by the people across different culture because it reinforces the behavior of goodness and at the same time discourages or punishes the wrong behaviors.Another is the concept of Nirvana, or the state of the highest state of being that one can achieve.

Unlike the Christianity, it is not a place because you can experience this state through the removal of your selfish desires. This is the ultimate goal of every Buddhist, to reach this state because they believe that it is the end of the suffering. Looking through their primary concepts, we can see the manifestation of the strong affinity of their religious beliefs to their personal life. Their shared values and beliefs of certain concepts are noticeable the way they live their own life.

It is noticeable to them that they do not pay much attention to earthly wealth because the more you desire for it, the harder for you to reach Nirvana. And, if you failed to reach Nirvana, you lacked the sense and meaning of life because you did not end your own suffering. One interesting point that I noticed is the use of the suffering as consequences of our own pleasure. It made a great realization for every people because nobody in Earth wants to suffer. In effect, they really tried to follow the strict ways to reach the ultimate goal of being a Buddhist.This is a clear manifestation of how strong the foundation of their religion is. Equating our personal desire which we believed in ourselves will end our suffering and the real way to overcome our suffering which is to let go of all our humanistic desire for us to be able to see things we overlooked.

Another point is they triumphantly instilled to the minds of their followers the fear of the immediate consequences of our actions. Aside from the sufferings that we are destined to suffer, another threat is the punishment of every little bad things that we can do.So, how can we avoid heavier load? Do good things because it will go back directly to us. In this way, they develop certain altruistic behavior because they do not value earthly things but their personal struggles in attaining the ultimate eternal state.

Zen Buddhism Practices, Meditations and Purpose Society shapes the life of the people, it has the power beyond the power of any individual. In a way, it created its own deity by influencing and directing the life of every person that is a member of the society beyond their own control to their life.So, in practicing their religion, they exercise the power of the society that is beyond their comprehension and understanding of their own position in the society. In dealing with Zen Buddhism, through their shared concepts and understanding of their belief, it unites the Zen Buddhists into one goal.

This will lead to a better social interaction with them because of their shared principle and their set guidelines of how to deal with them. Also, it ensures the smooth run of their society, it promotes order among them and functions as the basis or grounds of everything that will be done by someone.

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