Bark reasons.The history of abortion goes back to

Bark Stupak once verbalized, “All I am asking for is the law that’s been on the books for the last 33 years, no public funding for abortion. We are both saying identically tantamount, pro-life, pro-cull. Let’s find the language that works for both of us so we can pass health care.” According to abortion is, “the termination of gravidity, by the abstraction of a fetus from the uterus.” Abortion can be traced back to archaic times.

Back in the days, historically pregnancies were terminated through several methods, before medication came in, such as the utilization of sharpened implements, abortifacient herbs, and the application of abdominal pressure. Recently, with the development of medicine, the rate of abortion has incremented. In today’s society, there are two views on abortion; pro-choice and pro-life. Pro-choice is the fight for human’s decision. On the other hand, pro-life is the fight for human’s right to live. Although many believe that a child should not be accountable for a person’s mistakes, I believe that a woman has every right to select what to do with their body because of substantial reasons.

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The history of abortion goes back to 1973 when the case Roe vs. Wade made abortion legal, which made a turning point in public health policy. Shortly after the Congress passed this law, abortion became well known and openly advertised.

Congress believed that passing this law was the right decision because many women were dying or suffered medical conditions due to attempting to self-induce their abortions or going to clinics with unsanitary conditions. Due to having such a high number of women’s harming themselves as a result of abortion being illegal, congress thought that it would be better for women to get a relatively safer environment for abortions, thus making abortion legal in the United States. After Roe vs. Wade, some females felt overjoyed. However, those who were opposed to it immediately commenced working on ways to prevent any type of fundings for abortions. Some opposers, mainly held by Catholic churches, commenced showing their disparagement directly to clinics where abortions were being held or provided.

They began to harass people who were entering the clinic, vandalizing the property, and doing rallies in front of abortion clinics. Ultimately, making it a very hostile environment for those who were trying to seek help from abortion specialists. Recently, many states have made restrictions on abortions such as waiting periods, counseling, parents involution, etc.As of 2017, over 1.2 million women commence abortion. In America, only 8% of women who undergo an abortion is between the age of fifteen and seventeen, 15% of women are between the age of eighteen to nineteen, 45% of women are between the ages of twenty to twenty-four, and lastly, 32% of women are between the ages of twenty-five to twenty-nine. 36% of women who undergo an abortion are Caucasian women, 30% are African-American women’s, 25% are Hispanic women, and lastly, 9% are other races. In America, 48% of Americans are pro-life and 45% are pro-choice.

This country remains largely divided on this controversial issue. Many believe that abortion should be pro-life because of the myth that abortion is the murder of a human being. Although some mothers do not follow their maternal instincts and follow abortion, others believe no matter the circumstances women should never abort, even in circumstances such as rape, divorce, incest, etc. The three main reasons some women believe that abortion should be pro-life is that abortion is linked to mental illness, abortion is hazardous to women’s health, or believes that abortion is morally wrong. Some women believe that women can suffer from post-abortion syndrome right after they have performed an abortion. Females believe this syndrome can occur as a feeling of guilt, anxiety, or depression. Which can ultimately affect the way the women live the rest of her life or can affect the woman’s marriage. Women additionally believe that an abortion can be dangerous to a woman’s life because they have no idea of the jeopardy they can undergo when they walk into an abortion clinic.

Lastly, some believe that it is morally wrong because of religious reasons. Nevertheless, many believe abortion should be pro-choice because it should be the female’s decision to decide what is best for them. The three main reasons that may lead to abortion are medical causes, social causes, or economic causes.

Some examples of medical causes could be aids, deformation, danger on mother’s health, low-level of intelligence, or Down’s syndrome. In today’s generation, there have been many technological advances such as genetic testing that is able to figure out how a child will be like as an adult. Due to genetic knowledge, many undergo an abortion to avoid having a child that is non-ideal for the parents. The second reason that may lead to abortion would be social causes such as, divorce, rape, or unwanted pregnancies.

Some females may not want any connections with their ex-husband, thus prompting abortion. In a case of rape, how could you deny the right to an abortion to a girl who was a victim of rape? No female would want to give birth to a rapist child. Lastly, a reason would be economic reasons. There were some countries, such as China, who allowed a one child per family policy, till recently, which lead to a very selected abortion.

The reasoning behind it was because of a very high population rate and because of this situation China had a very high abortion rate. Conclusively, women’s rights are more valuable than a fetus. A woman is mentally and physically developed, while a fetus is not. Ergo, making it an absolute right for women to have an abortion if she believes that’s the best decision for her. After all, it is the woman’s body and they know what’s the best for themselves.

Abortion should have restrictions such as a duration, but by no designates, a woman should not be judged by making such decision.


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