Ruth terms of beauty, following her evident efforts

Ruth Handler, the founder of Barbie Doll, presented a concept that portrayed the young American woman as one who is exemplary perfect, sexy, good-figured and adventurous among other desirable characters. This concept stood out in his dolls. Since the 1959 launching, Barbie Doll’s history reflects significant changes in women’s roles.

The history has had notable impacts on women around the globe especially in the roles they undertake. For instance, there is a total transformation of the modern woman in terms of beauty, following her evident efforts to look gorgeous as well as leading the best life she can by studying careers associated with modesty (Plumb 2005, 45). The psychology behind the invention of the doll has contributed to the change of perceptions of many women on their roles and capabilities. It has acted as a motivator and a role model in the transformation process, as most of them engage in activities, which make them outstanding whenever in a crowd of their conservative counterparts. They have changed their traditional mindset believed or rather associated with their roles.

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The history too has influenced the sexual roles of girls’ generations. Following the debut, the sexual roles of young generations of girls have continued to drift away from those of the past. For instance, before 1959, women performed certain tasks like being homemakers, preparing food and ensuring the overall provision of care to children, a trend that has persistently continued to change. Nowadays, young generations of girls are venturing into good careers fields like engineering, medicine, initially treated as fields of the male. Therefore, the roles of the girls are gradually changing with many of them driving fancy sport cars, and having their own money and good enough becoming self-reliant rather than dependent as before. The changes have largely influenced family dynamics.

Evident transformations are occurring quickly with the old folks still wondering where the world is heading. While some people have welcomed the changes, others are fighting the wave. Some of the changes that have affected the family dynamics are the modes of dressing that many women have adopted following the influence of the doll. For instance, women nowadays have reached the verge in terms of dressing and as the trend goes, they are soon walking naked. This leaves them with alluring body figures that have stirred debates and harsh exchanges from different parties on whether the step respects human values.

As a result, many families have broken up because of the shaming styles of women dressing and their lifestyle in general. The split of Barbie and ken is an indicator of what the future holds for marriages. The split is an apparent signal of how the doll has a negative influence to the lifestyle and behavior of women. It clearly reveals what is about to happen in future. Predictions present a demoralizing future, as women will try every kind of things solely to show off, a case that will mark the dawn of conflicts with their male counterparts. The split speaks volumes of how culture, family issues and marriage are slowly fading out (Selma 2010). In fact, women around the globe stand out as empowered and able to manage themselves without depending on others. Therefore, concerning the issues of marriage, the splitting points out a time when women will not show any interest of engaging in marriages and family ties.

Sad enough, these respected issues of the past will be of no value.

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