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Director of Bakery CooperativeMy buddy is a baker out in DowningTown J$G Bagelry so I thought reading about a baker would be nice start to see what he does after he leaves home at one two in the morning to not return until midday. I know a few things about what by buddy does one is that you can’t stay in the same bakery for more than 8 hours in a row or you get kind of sick I know he has to manage a bunch of people at two different bakeries. It seems like a job that could be fun but bad hours and a lot of responsibility.

The one thing that would be hard is that my friend has to stay till the work is done and that can be 48 hour days.I want to work there but I bet they are out of business by now. The ideas that are held in esteem by these people are some things I want to be part of. First, the idea of community involvement stated as such, “We hire only nationhood people. We will hire anyone who can do the work. There have been all ages.

” (467). The other idea I like is that there is no owner and it’s non profit, as the put it, “I’m the director. It has no owner. Originally I owned it. We’re a nonprofit corporation ’cause we give our leftover bread away, give it to anyone who would be hungry.”(447).

They seem to mean that witch they say about giving away food I was most impressed with the story of the naborhood drunk, it goes something like thisA drunk, who had obviously had a hard day’s night, enters.There is a soft discussion. She hands him a loaf. He leaves,”He asked me for a quarter. I gave him one this morning.Now he said he’s still hungry. So I offered him bread.

He said, ‘If you don’t give the quarter, I’m not gonna take the bread.’ So I said, ‘Okay, don’t.’ He took the bread.”(471).

I think that is such a great way to handle the situation I never would have been able to handle it that well. It is important who you work with and for and these people sound good.


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