Background were still a new thing to most

Background As the computing and gamingindustry started to rise in the mid to late 80’s many companies started to riseand create their own development on computing and game hardware and software. Inthis report it will be mainly focused on the Microsoft Corporation on it’s ownsoftware and hardware from the companies early beginning’s all the up to thepresent date.

   1.0 Terms of Reference Stephen Colbert (Lecturer)has requested Dean McCrory to write a report with an overall view of theMicrosoft Corporation’s early software and hardware history until the presentday It is a requirement of Communication: Level 6 unit and is due to besubmitted on the 27th of October 2017  2.0 Procedures Research for this report wasconducted primarily via the internet, by visiting reputable websites.  3.0 Findings  3.1 How it startedChildhood friends Bill Gatesand Paul Allen are the two co-founders of Microsoft. The two men werepassionate about computing.

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This was around about the time computers were stilla new thing to most people while computers were still hard to come by. Thecompany was officially started on the 4th of April 1975 after thetwo men were inspired by another hardware and software company. Bill Gates wasthe first CEO of the company. Microsoft’s first international office was openedin Japan in August 1977 under the name ASCII Microsoft. In 1981 the companyincorporated in Washington DC with the name Microsoft Corporation. Bill Gateswould go on to be the president and chairman of the company with his friendPaul Allen becoming executive vice president.

(Gregg Pascal Zachary, 2017) 3.2 First Operating SystemAn operating system is verybeneficial because it is the software that runs on the computer. As a newcompany Microsoft released there very first operating system to the world whichwas a version of Unix and it was called Xenix and that was released In 1980.Xenix was eventually used as the biasis for Microsoft’s first word processor.In 1983 they introduced their first mouse to the public which would eventuallybe followed by more hardware such as keyboards controls etc. In 1986 Microsoftbecame a public company and Bill Gates became a millionaire and the age of 31. (Bellis, 2017)  3.3 OfficeOn August 1st 1989Microsoft introduced its earliest version of office.

During the 90’s Microsoftintroduced many versions of there operating system windows including windows3.0 windows 95 and windows 98. (microsoft, 2017) 3.4 Microsoft VS the gaming industryIn 1998 Microsoft wereconsidering going into the gaming industry.

Kevin Bachus, Seamus Blackley, OttoBerkes and Ted Hase formed Microsoft’s first ever console team after theypitched the idea to Bill Gates that proved to be very successful. The consoleMicrosoft wanted to create was the worlds, first PC like console that wouldhave online gaming capabilities.  The system would run onwindows 2000 to make it much more simple for traditional PC software developersto work within the system. The Xbox would go on to have more than twice thepower of the PlayStation 2.

Sony announced the PS2 on March 2nd1999. Sony game chief Ken Kutaragi called it a “revolutionary computerentertainment system set to reinvent the nature of video games.” Tripe Hawkins,who ran the rival 3DO game company, called sony’s box a “Trojan Horse,” meantto get into the home as a game machine and then becoming the gateway for allhome entertainment. With such a machine, no one would need a personal computerin the home.  Andrew House, then-seniorvice president of marketing at Sony’s U.S game division said that Sony hadbroader ambitions. This made Microsoft get started much quicker on the project sothey could have there game console programed manufactured and shipped quickerso it could compete with its rivals Sony.

So on the 15th of November2001 the x box was officially released in North America. The console wasreleased on the 22nd of February 2002 in Japan Australia and Europehad the system released on the 14th of March 2002. (history, 2017) 3.

5 Microsoft VS SonyDuring the next couple ofyears Xbox and PlayStation would fight to see who had the most superior consoleat the time. However, the Xbox was severely lacking on adventure games.Compared to Jak and Daxter, Rachet and Clank and other PS2 games like Ico andShadow of the Colossus, the Xbox had no similar platforming and adventure gamesthat could compare in quality of the PlayStation. But the Xbox was aimedtowards an audience that was broadband only and interested in onlinemultiplayer games”.

Although Microsoft had ideas for the future looking intoand realising online gaming in the form of the online server Xbox Live.Digital Trends (2017)   4.0 The case against Microsoft  Most people are mostlyconcerning themselves about which company has the best console and what consoledose more and has better graphics. But the consoles are unique in their ownways and do same things as the other machines but in a different way that suitsthe console style.   5.0 Conclusion As Microsoft continue toflourish in the 21st century they are one of pioneering companies inthe technology business.

With a very loyal fan base Microsoft aim to pleasetheir consumers with their carefully designed products and software. But withall companies there is always that pressure of high expectations hanging overthem to better their previous products. With all the publicity thesescompanies get they will most likely be remembered for the mistakes that weremade rather all the positive things they done for the community and the worldas a whole.


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