Background reduce the post-operative recovery time dramatically and

BackgroundBulgariaMedical Travel Partner works with a range of specialist orthopaedicsurgeons that perform a broad range of diagnostic, reconstructive,and implant bone-joint surgeries. Our specialist orthopaedic surgeonstreat a wide variety of orthopaedic and post-trauma related healthconditions based on good medical practices and the latest innovationsin orthopaedic medicine.KeybenefitslInnovativeMinimally Invasive procedures includingHip and Knee, reconstruction and joint implant surgeries. All ourminimally invasive procedures are designed to minimise pain, reducethe post-operative recovery time dramatically and maximise patientsquality of life.LThelatest generation of high-tech medical implants designedto fit your medical needs, to maximise joint performance, and toextend your implanted joint’s useful duration.

LComputerSurgical Navigation System usinginfra-red cameras, tracking devices and 3-D imaging systems tomaximise surgical precision and maximise treatment effectiveness.Principalmedical services offeredEndoprosthesisof the major jointslHip-Total – performed by minimally invasive surgery (Direct AnteriorApproach).LKnee-Total or Partial – performed by minimally invasive surgery.

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Moreabout hip replacement surgery you can find here. (link to:

aspx)Moreabout knee replacement surgery you can find here. (Giv elink to: Anterior Approach Hip Replacement?Inthe anterior approach, the surgeon accesses the hip joint by enteringthrough the front of the body that makes itpossible to reach the joint by separating rather than cutting andthen reattaching muscles. Smaller incisions, around four inches, arepossible with this procedure versus traditional hip surgery of around12 inches.Theanterior approach to total hip replacement is becoming more popularbecause it is less invasive, hospital stays are shorter, and recoveryand rehabilitation are quicker for patients. This less invasivesurgery is especially appropriate for patients who are active andeager to return to work and their daily activities as quickly aspossible.

Althoughthe anterior approach has been in use to some degree since the 1980s,new instrumentation allowing it to be performed using smallerincisions has made it increasingly sought after nowadays.Yourknee or hip replacement surgery day by day guideHereinwe present you with an example of your orthopaedic surgery medicalexperience:Day1:Flyingfrom UK. A Bulgaria Medical Travel Partner representative will meetyou are the airport, will accompany you to your hotel and will helpyou settle. You will have the opportunity to discuss your visit planand address any quieries you might have.

Day2:Arrivalat the clinic. Upon arrival you will have a blood test. You willconsult with an Anaesthetist as well as with a Cardiologist who willperform a cardiac evaluation. If required consultations with otherspecialists will also be completed Day1 or Day 2:Youwill have your surgery in the afternoon of Day 1 or in Day 2. Afterthe surgery you will stay overnight at the intensive care unit.

Day2 or Day 3:Afteryou transfer from the intensive care to your room you will commenceyour rehabilitation program.Day3 or Day 4 till Day 7: Youwill stay in the clinic to monitor your recovery progress and advancewith your rehabilitation plan. Your Bulgaria Medical Travel Partnerassistant will visit you daily to see how you are doing and pick anybits you might need.Day8:Youwill have evaluation from your surgeon, who will approve yourdischarge. Day9: Flyingback home. A Bulgaria Medical Travel Partner representative willpick you from your hotel and will accompany you to the airport.


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