Background employment. As a result, the overwhelming majority

Background Although the phenomenonof migration is not novel since humans have always migrated in an effort toescape conflicts, poverty and economic hardship, yet it has recently been atthe forefront of discussions by various key role players all around the globedue to the fact that many migrant workers find themselves to be vulnerable inlegal and economic terms. This is particularly true in Central Asia, especiallyin Kazakhstan. In fact, labour migration for the most part continuesto be a spontaneous unregulated process with limited opportunities for organizedlegal employment. As a result, the overwhelming majority of migrant workerscontinue to be unprotected in their labour and social rights, and are at riskof labour exploitation, human trafficking and have limited opportunities torealize their potential and development.

As a matter of fact, migrantworkers are not aware that they have the right to receive state guaranteedlegal aid. The weakening of state control over the quality of legal assistanceand the performance of lawyers’ dutiesaffect the quality of the services provided. Despite the existence of an active civil society in Kazakhstan, CSOsstill do not have enough capacity to provide professional legal services tomigrant workers. In fact, they have little experience in lobbying and protectinginterests of their beneficiaries, and this seriously imposes limits on CSOs’ ability to contribute to protectingmigrants’ rightsin Kazakhstan. In this regard, the two-day round table training will be aimed atdeveloping the capacity and mechanisms to protect the rights of migrants, whichwill subsequently enable CSOs to cooperate more effectively with each other andwith government agencies to coordinate efforts to protect migrants’ rights.  Objective The overallobjective of the two-day training is to build the organizational capacity ofcivil society organizations, and to raise awareness of the issues related to labourmigration in Kazakhstan amongst government agencies.  The training isexpected to facilitate a greater co-operation between NGOs and the governmentalbodies.

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 Venue and DatesThe event willtake place in Almaty, Kazakhstan, on 19-20 February 2018 at the ‘Rixos Almaty’ hotel located at506/99 Seyfullin Street.  Participants: The training willbring together representatives of pertinent government bodies (such as judges,prosecutors, law enforcement officers, police liaison officers) and NGOs thatwork in the field of migration. Theinternational organizations such as UNODC, UNFPA and UN Women will also partakein the event.   Funding: Return flighttickets, accommodation as well as daily subsistence allowance (in accordancewith the IOM rates) will be provided to international experts.  Languages: Simultaneousinterpretation will be provided in English, Russian and Kazakh.

No writtentranslation service will be available.  Registration: Participantsare requested to complete and send the attached registration form by email nolater than 25 January 2018.


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