Background to suites the person who actively

 Background of the studyEducationis the passport to the future. As we get older, knowledge is being constructedbut it can never be replaced by anyone. The literacy of a person is imperative inanyone can acquire.

We prevail in institute for us to gain more learning andshape our ability and skills. A student is subjected to finish his/her studies,especially with flying colors. There are plenty of reasons why a student mustfinish his/her studies for there are so many places to go, food to eat andpeople to help. However, everybody has different perspectives on what a personcould be in the future someday. Choosing the legitimate career is one of the decisivethings that a student must decide and serve as his path in taking his steptowards his career. This could be equipped to determine the success of his lifein the next stages. Through choosing a career anybody his desired job andportray his excellence in his skills that suits his capability.

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On the otherhand, Philippines involve in miscellaneous crisis and one forth social issue ispoverty and its people are confronted and aware of it thus it need passionateand determined workers in affecting industry.InJanuary 2013, the Philippines has 7.1% deflation rate, the highest in thecountries from the Southeast Asian nations and from which are collegegraduates. (Pascual, 2014) Majority of the institutions of higher education wasn’tbeing liable to produce progress that is needed to anticipate in the demand ofthe present economy. Since the graduates don’t possess the essence prescribed bythe industry due to the lack of a proper guidance that must be attained tochoose the appropriate courses in college to suites the person who actively learning’sability. A misfit graduate is one concerning the reasons why our country has tremendousunemployment rate.

This could be the wrong choice of course taken by thecollege students tend to improper guidance in choosing the right course.Theauthority of institution used to find ways to lessen this problem towards oursociety; to implement a K-12 program of the academic system, specifically inthe Department of Education need to gain the accretion of graduates before theyreach the college level. Secondary School is two yearn for specialized uppersecondary education (Official Gaze, 2012) SHS is a preparation for a collegelevel to explore and plan for their postsecondary career options whereas thereare some factors that can affect and change the views of your perception insetting goals.

Students may choose their specialization based on their skillsand intellect capacity this would benefit the students to ensure and get intothe right career served as a stepping stone to establish on their chosen pilgrimage.Moreover, it indicates that one of the objectives of the Department ofEducation to promote the people who actively learning in educational success asa consequence qualify the adequacy competence that needed to the workforce ofcompanies and institutions.Thisresearch aims to determine the aspects that affect the career preferences regardingthe select students in Valencia National High School.


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