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In today’s day and age in the civilized world of hightechnology, research shows that our hunger for the natural world still endures.In fact, connecting with nature might be the best medicine for people of allages by improving our health, happiness and well-being. Since the beginning of ourexistence we have been interacting with nature and it is easily forgotten thatwe are actually apart of nature. Throughout this essay I hope to enrich yourknowledge on concept “back to nature” by answering questions such as, why dopeople like to get away to the wilderness? What do they hope to recapture inthemselves in the natural world? What do we lose and gain by living civilizedlives. According to Merriam Webster Dictionary the wildernessis “an area essentially undisturbed by human activity togetherwith its naturally developed life community.” I believe people enjoy leaving theircivilized lives because you disconnect from the world.

A world full of lies,stress, and confusion. Going to back to nature helps an individual figure outwho they are and what’s important in their life. In nature we are left with thebeauty of God’s creation, no distractions.            Goingback to nature humans hope to recapture who they are.

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They are in search offinding peace and something to fill there emptiness. I believe people go backto nature when they need to retreat from the world. Why? Some might need timeto think about a decision that may impact their life, others may be sad becauseof a tragedy like the death of a loved one, and some                                             go just to let go some steam. Research shows that spending time innature improves mental health, concentration, restores mental energy, and most importantlymakes you happier. After spending a few days in nature and away from civilization,people admit to feeling more at peace with themselves and hope to return in thefuture.

            Livingcivilized lives over all can be a decent way of living, if you find a balancein the way you live. People can tend to get caught up in work, the internet, friends,enemies, family, bills, and money. Living a civilized life in the future canmake society lazy and more dependent on technology. Making the concept of goingback to nature would slowly die away and the true meaning of hard work willfade away.Even though there are negative effects of living acivilized life there are also positive effects as well. Technology has made an enormousimpacted on humans’ daily life.

From being able to making a simple googlesearch to shopping online. Modern day technology makes communicating easy, canassist people with disabilities, and is accurate.In conclusion, I believe there are many good factorsabout living a civilized life. Although we cannot forget the all the benefits goingback to nature can offer. Over it all I think it is not about the type of environmentor atmosphere you live in. I think it is about the type of attitude you haveand always making the most out of what you have. Charles Swindle once said “Lifeis 10% what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it. 


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