Back not take up accountancy, business and management.

Back in my old school, we did not take up accountancy, business and management. This is my first time to encounter the course. At first, I was scared that the course will be difficult. I thought that it will be hard to catch up to the lessons because I did not have any idea or background about the course. Learning about accountancy will be really helpful and useful for me in the future. As the discussions went by, I found the fundamentals of accountancy, business and management very interesting. I enjoy every accounting class and I really appreciate the lessons about accounting. It was not also difficult as I expected.

I learned a lot of things about accountancy and business management. The fundamentals of accountancy, business and management is an introduction to accounting, business and management course. Accounting is a language of business and is an understanding of basic accounting concepts and principles that will help me analyze business transactions. I gained knowledge about the different branches of accounting, the external and internal users in accounting, the different forms of business organization, and the accounting equation. This knowledge is going to help me to understand and investigate financial statements of a business.

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I know how to identify and analyze the types of major account, namely, the assets, liabilities, capital, income and expense. I learned about book of accounts. I, now, have an idea on how business transactions work and how to do journalizing, posting and trial balance. I also have an idea on how to do payroll transactions, payroll sheets, and transactions about promissory notes. Taking this course was really helpful for me because it helped me gained a lot of interests about accountancy, business and management.

It was not difficult and scary as I thought it would be. I also did not have a hard time catching up. In fact, I am really enjoying this course.

That’s why I want to learn more about accountancy in college. I have decided to pursue accountancy in college.


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