ay ideas on the restrictions on women,

ay Draft “BOY OVERBOARD” by Morris GleitzmanThe book ‘Boy Overboard’ by Morris Gleitzman examines the theme of conflict in various different ways. Traditional values in Afghanistan are questioned, as highlighted by Jamal’s family’s differing ideas on the restrictions on women, how they dress, right to play soccer and be educated by the Taliban. The book also examines, the hardship of leaving a country of origin to seek a better life in another country like Australia and the hardships refugees can endure along the way. Conflict in this novel is what creates the action and helps keep the story moving forward and the readers interested.Discrimination against girls is highlighted in the book ‘Boy Overboard’ by Morris Gleitzman. Jamal and his family find themselves in conflict with the Taliban government in Afghanistan, as they differ with the harsh restrictions placed on women and girls.

This is exemplified when Bibi tries to play soccer outside with her brother Jamal. “Bibi must have forgotten that girls aren’t allowed to leave the house without a parent”(p4). Bibi is “sick of being stuck indoors” (p4). Girls also have to abide by the government restrictions of dressing according to the Muslim faith. Jamal is shocked when his 9 year old sister Bibi leaves the house with her face uncovered. “She must have forgotten that females have to keep their faces covered all times out of doors” (p4). Girls as well, as not being able to go outside unchaperoned are not allowed to play soccer, as can be seen in Jamal’s comment “it must have slipped her mind that girls playing soccer is completely, totally and absolutely against the law”(p4).

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Girls not being allowed outside the house alone, having to have their face covered and not being allowed to play soccer, highlights the message of discrimination against girls which is very conflicting for Jamal’s family in traditional Afghanistan with their more modern Western ideas.


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