Available achieved within the learner’s job role

Available information should hold no surprises to learners or anyone else involved in the assessment process, as it should already be available, and shared with them, within the context of the standards and criteria against which they will they are being assessed. From an awarding organisation perspective – occupational standards, specifications and grading criteria should all be made available to learners and others, as without it, there is no clear definition of what the learner is working towards. This is an important part of the assessment process, as it shows the level of understanding required, and competence needed, when assessments against these are carried out.
Both learners and employees need to know, and understand what needs to be assessed, and when. This ensures that there is an understanding of what can be achieved within the learner’s job role and timescales, if assessments are carried out at the workplace.
Timescales for timely completion of assessments need to be understood and in place, as this will ensure the level of competence required, within a set period of time is understood by, both the learner and any organisation that they work for. It will also allow any specific assessment methods to be assessed against availability of resources e.g. witness statements required by a certain date.
During discussions with the learner, an assessment plan will need to be documented and made available so that not only feedback can be logged on the plan, but also progression against outcomes and what type of assessment will be used to meet specific outcomes for the unit being measured. This enables preparation for activity requirements within specific timescales.
Records of achievements and clear and constructive feedback should be made available, and documented on the assessment plan and shared with other interested parties of the assessment process. This ensures that timely progression to objectives is achieved with the need for any adaptations to assessment plan and timescales for successful completion of that plan


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