Automatic business environments because it offers affordable and

Automatic gate alarm with light may be used to automatically switch on the light at the entrance of gate at night
by sensing the presence of person or object. In addition it sounds an alarm.This circuit has two stages first one is
transmitting unit and second one is receiving. Transmitting unit consists of Infrared light emitting diode and
receiving unit consists of thin small outline package sensor. A monostablemultivibrator is used in this circuit for
the purpose of getting time delay accordingly. Light will be on only for short duration of timed. The Thin small
outline package receivers are infrared remote control systems. It consists of three pin terminal , they are vcc,
ground and output. The circuit of the Thin small outline package is designed in that way unexpected output
pulses due to noise or disturbance signals are avoided. An light dependent resistor based circuit is used to switch
on the light bulb at night only. The passive infrared detector is one of the most common detectors found in
household and small business environments because it offers affordable and reliable functionality. The term
passive refers to the fact that the detector is able to function without the need to generate and radiate its own
energy.This system also switches on the gate light when surrounding light is low. In the present busy world
cases may arise where we may not be able to keep a constant watch in certain areas.


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