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Autobiography We are travelers who must choose from many roads throughout our lives; it may be wiser to choose one of them and deal with it.  As for me, I chose the road more taken and it made me a better person. My name is Hannah Noelle B. Morales, I was born and raised in the Philippines, where I lived until the summer of 2016. My dad made the decision to move to the United States and settled in California which I called the “road more taken”.

I’m 18 years old and I recently graduated at Washington High School. Living in United States has provided me with opportunities to grow and develop personally. Growing up, I did not know who or what I wanted to be as a person. I was always in a rush to find myself. It wasn’t until my sophomore year in high school that I was starting to evolve as a person. It wasn’t my best year in high school because that’s the year when my mom died, but that event helped me become more independent, organized and also helped me figure out which career path I wanted to take. Having this happen at such a young age; I was determined to accomplish the goals I had set and work hard for the career I wanted, which in my opinion is realistic and specific. My goals were to finish high school, graduate, and start on my career path in the medical field to become a registered nurse.

As I was growing up, I’m really shy and lazy which I considered as my weaknesses. Sometimes I still struggle with dealing with that even now that I’m in college. However, my parents and friends help me change that by giving me courage and confidence. Now, I’m the other way around, I’m risk-taker, cheerful, positive and hardworking which I considered as my strengths since I’m an adventurer where I love to explore and try new things. My parents also helped me make decisions, and when I was old enough to understand, I made my own. I cannot remember a time when my parents left me out on my own without guidance. They shaped me to be who I am and helped me to determine what I wanted to do with my life. My family loves to have fun and that is also the number one thing I want to remember through everything I go through in the rest of my life.

 I’ve learned to be happy and look at things in a positive way because that is how I was raised and this is the value that they want me to adapt. They teach me good values like how to behave, to be thankful to God for the gift of life, to respect other people, and to share my blessings to anyone. This is a priceless possession to me and I would like to keep it with me for the rest of my life. With this, I know my limits, learned to be independent and be mature or responsible enough for my actions.After losing myself in the beginning of high school, I realized and decided it was time to get my act together and bring up my grades which I considered the turning point of my life. I used to think that having a lot of friends was the best thing in school.

In reality, having a small circle of friends who motivate you and push you to achieve your goals was actually a better aspect. Since I’m interpersonal, I discovered that participating in group studies, made my grades higher. I changed my ways as to how I went about school, and I became more focused in my classes. I didn’t want to procrastinate on homework anymore, so each day I made sure it was all done before I do anything else.  I organized my time wisely and made sure school was my number one priority. As I moved here in the United States during my senior year, I got straight A’s which made my family really proud. All of my hard work paid off, and I’m hoping that it will continue throughout my college years by keeping myself motivated.

However there are also areas that I need to improve with, such as using more academic resources and selecting the main ideas on the material that i’m reading which i’m struggling with. Since I started my first job recently in Panda Express, it taught me the value of serving others first and teamwork since we’re lacking of employees. Through working there and serving others, it taught me self-respect, the importance of doing your best in whatever you do, encouraged that honesty is the best practice, that all people are equal and should be treated as such, and to strive to do the right thing even when it is not the cool thing. Unfortunately, I often see people in my job that do not have the same support system and values that I have.

This is when I realized how blessed I am and I wanted to continue the things that I learned from my first job when I become a nurse in the future. As a nurse, I imagine myself having an impact in the world by serving others, helping them to recover, and the best thing is to help them change their life.Overall, The most significant thing as a teenager that my parents have taught me is how insignificant a life situation is. Situation change, but your family does not.

I do believe that I was born into an amazing family and I’m given such amazing friends that help me deal with challenging experiences and they also shaped me into becoming who I am today. Both of my friends and family help me in my life’s journey and I considered them as my heroes. One phrase that my mom said that I will never forget is “Life is like choosing heads or tails in a flip coin, we wouldn’t know what it will lead us until we choose one and let faith or destiny decide. There’s no right or wrong; It’s how you deal or face your choices.” With this I realize that without strong internal motivation, it is nearly impossible to become successful.

By success means you already recognize your weaknesses and you are open for change by accepting help from others.


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