Australia stopped talking about ever since 1966. However,

Australia is modern, worldly society that inthe last 20 years or so has witnessed the arrival of big numbers of migrantsfrom Asian countries such as Vietnam, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore.The thought of a predominantly population in Australia something the peoplestopped talking about ever since 1966. However, the heterogeneous Australianpopulation continues to hold on to the concept of a ‘white Australia’ anddiscerns the increasing number of non-white people residing in the country(Teo, 2000).In the year 2000, two major Australiannewspapers have received attention about a Vietnamese gang in Australia and published news reports about theirviolent activities.

According to the article by Teo, these reports have beenreviewed using critical discourse analysis in two stages. First, he noticed thereporters singling the Vietnamese people out and stereotyping them because oftheir ethnicity by the ‘white’ people who make up the majority of thepopulation. The act of categorizing people based on their ethnic backgrounds isone of the most controversial behaviours that directly links to racism. Forexample, Asians have a distinct appearance to Caucasian people and appearyellow skinned, dark haired, and narrow eyed, all features that the Asian raceis often even ridiculed for. In the same way, those white people who believethey look ‘normal’ as opposed to others, appear white skinned, blonde haired,and blue eyed to the Asians, which the Asians find peculiar.Physical appearances are not the only factor thatleads to racial stereotypes, behaviour is another. If, as a parent, you saw ablack child take an eraser from your Caucasian child’s hand without permissionsome would see this as aggressive and would instinctively remove their childfrom proximity of the black toddler (ibid).

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However, if it was their own childwho did that they would attribute that behaviour to self-confidence, because oftheir skin colour. The second stage the reports were evaluated is by comparingthe analysis of two articles separately, which led the author to conclude thatthere is evidence of a power discourse between the ethnic group and the whitepeople based on their respective racist beliefs (ibid).From his own critical discourse analysis, the authorhas concluded that the newspaper reporters have indeed been bias and have shownus how the society in such a modern and cosmopolitan country such as Australiacan be divided into a powerful white population and an ethnic minority. CDA of racismin the news helps in clarifying the relationship between discourse and society.


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