August My sisters and I had just finished

August 31, 2018It was June 10th.

My sisters and I had just finished packing and we were all ready to go to India. I could not control my excitement as I was going back home after two years. I could not have been happier. Everything was perfect and going according to the plan, until that one phone call. It was my dad who called to tell us that my grandfather had just passed away. I was devastated. My heart shattered. The feeling was so painful that I can’t possibly describe it.

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I had lost one of the most important people of my life. I had lost my grandfather. My grandfather whom I had not seen in two years. I was sad, shocked, and felt extremely hopeless but what hurt me the most was knowing the fact I was gonna be with him in just some hours.

The whole thing seemed like a dream. I kept thinking about how I was supposed to see him and be with him. I understand that everyone has to go one day or another, but I kept asking myself, “Why today?” This is when I truly learned that things do not always go according to the plan. Everyone has had plans and dreams for themselves in their lives. Dreams they’ve desperately hoped for. I did too.

I have had everything in my life planned and have always known what my life would be like. I was supposed to see him on the 11th and be with him, but it turns out that everything doesn’t always go as smoothly as you plan it to. Some things, you just don’t have control over.


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