Attendance have a school develop a system to

Attendance of the students of Taguig Science High School is important as it presents the character of the students in wanting to study in the school. This system therefore requires a keen eye or attention of the advisers and/or the teachers-in-charge (Abaton, Garcia, Malamug & Uniana, 2015). Barcode Scanners have brought success to different industries like Grocery Businesses. Based on the article by Tom Reynolds of National Barcode (Chicago), before the development of the barcode scanner, the only way to get an accurate inventory of stocks was to do manual count of each and every item.

Business owners found it time consuming and expensive to complete. Instead of manual inventories, most of the stores based their inventories through estimations and arbitrary feelings. Supermarket managements realized that they were on a competitive marketplace that’s why they try to think and invent ways to have accurate inventories. In the late 19th century, owners considered using punch-card technology that was develop to complete the US Census.

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The aim was that the customers would punch the card to mark their selections, the cards would be put on a reader at check-out, tally the products and be kept until the reordering-process. But it wasn’t even prototyped because consumer market was seeking more convenience and time saving. Around 1948, the idea of modern barcode has been traced. Bernie Silver from Drexel Institute from Philadelphia heard the struggle of grocery stores that they were trying to have a school develop a system to quickly and accurately detect product data at the checkout counter. Silver reach out Norman “Joe” Woodland, and for the next 2 years he would experiment with variety of data collected.

Finally Woodland invented the first barcode using Morse code (a series of dots and dashes used in telegram and radio communications). He wrote out the dash and dots as representation of the product and extended the lines vertically creating the first linear barcode. Improvement of barcode scanner continued to improved, Woodland and Silver adapted the reflected light that is converted to numbers. In 1994, the code change into “bulls-eye” as it was called today. Woodland converted the lines to circle appearing like an archery target.

Woodland approached IBM to improve the invention to help manager of stores and the invention was sold in 1952. In 1960s they sold the patent to PHILCO, who eventually sold to RCA (Radio Corporation of America). Inventors proposed other methods to improve it. Black and white barcode, proposed by David Collins of the Sylvania Corporation, the real innovation of his system was the use of laser beam as a light source giving rise to the term Barcode Scanner. (Tom Reynolds; History of Barcode Scanners; 1994-2018 Barcodes, Inc.) We are encountering barcodes every day, it was present in our everyday life yet we are unaware. Did you go to the mall today? Had a travel destination every vacation? Based on the article wrote by Matthew Kostanecki, a speaker, an author and active contributor to business community that barcodes is basically used to track data and inventory.

And these are the applications of barcodes: Events, Travel and Movie; Advertising; Games; Tracking Food Intake and products; and Art and pop Culture. (Matthew Kostanecki; 9 interesting uses of barcodes; 2016-2018 inFlow Inventory Software, Archon Systems Inc.) Technology today keep on challenging itself, there are lot more to see and a lot more to improve. Barcode scanner has a lot of supplication, we see it on different establishments like malls, cinemas, stores, restaurants and game houses, but can we use it also for educational purposes? Possibilities are limitless now, with lot of observation and experimentation we can get through it. Technological advancements and expanding capability must be observed also in schools.

Advancements of attendance monitoring system with the use of barcode scanner is so intriguing today due to the convenience if offers. The traditional method of taking attendance by calling names or logging in and out is very time consuming and inefficient. We the researchers can say that we are facing struggles today the same as the grocery stores before. AN AUTOMATED ATTENDANCE MONITORING SYSTEM USING BARCODE SCANNER APPLICATION FOR SMARTPHONES AND LOCALHOST DATABASE is a study that provides moving on to traditional way. It consists of a Smartphone ( Android or IOS) installed with a Barcode scanner application called XAMPPr that has a local host database to store every student’s information.

It can identify each student base on their barcode given to them differently making the process easier as compared to the conventional method. With a single Smartphone you only need to run the application installed and capture the student’s identity (barcode) and it will be taken immediate


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