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At this time, we finally receive our first real call to service. We were called to pick up a prisoner at the local Kroger on 1 west corry st. the man seemed broken and was homeless. He had stolen $100’s worth of groceries around 10:29 pm we put him in the car and Goetz shows me how to file the 527 which was for the jail house, it basically described the whole incident which he would later do with the 301 which is for the courts.

It took awhile for him to get the paper work all together, but he seemed rather comfortable driving while typing. He walked me through the jail house process and we even stumbled upon some officers who were arresting a woman for drugs but told them she was he cousin by name. This absolutely infuriated the officers, Goetz telling me the liars are the ones we punish the most, saying “we try to throw the book at those who try and think we are stupid.” I enjoyed hearing this for I too can’t stand when someone thinks I’m inadequate. He decides to drop me off at the station after this long process but before we go shows me a little perk about being in service.

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He says watch this and takes me to McDonald’s. They ended up letting us through with $15 dollars’ worth of food for free. He said it was his treat for the night being so uneventful but tells me I’m always welcome back.This experience showed me truly how much the community respects and appreciates what the men and women do for our city. It helped me understand that this is truly what I want to do in my life and that the myths of it not being as exciting as it is on tv may have been true but it was still exciting to see the passion the men and women carried when the left for their beats. District 4 only made me more prepared to go into service when my time comes.

A time I know I’ll cherish his ride along, while uneventful and rainy it made me find a stronger passion for my community.


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