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At the time this novella was written Victorian society had made new discoveries, such as evolution, and was moving onto new things. People condemned this. Victorians were in to the old, dark, creepy stuff which was one of the reasons Stevenson wrote this novella in a gothic way. Stevenson was influenced by victorian society in this matter.
Throughout the novella Stevenson creates tension in many different ways, eg. this way the plot unfolds, through the characters and how he deliberately keeps the reader waiting.
In this extract, Stevenson creates tension by gradually, starting with ‘Mr Utterson sitting by his fireside one evening after dinner. When he receives a surprise visit from Poole’. The noun fireside gives this a very relaxing tone and ‘one’ shows that this doesn’t happen very often. The visit is strange because Poole is Jekyll’s servant. Stevenson uses the verb ‘surprise’ to create tension and curiosity for the reader. An agitated Poole explains his worries to Utterson about JEkyll.
Stevenson constantly keeps the reader waiting, like in ‘the last night’ once Poole and Utterson conversation was finished they went to jekyll’s house Stevenson prolonged this including the door being kicked down. Once the door had been kicked down the found Hydes body dead on the floor leaving them and the reader with one question- Where’s Jekyll?.
The plot had been purposely shaped so no one would seen the full picture till the very very end. However Stevenson gave clues every now and again throughout the story. All the clues leave the reader wondering and curious. Some of the clues at the beginning that Stvenoon gives away are a small man (Hyde) ‘trampled calmly’ over a little girl, the fact that this Hyde goes through a sinister looking door and finally the cheque was signed by Dr Jekyll. People especially utterson found this peculiar because Jekyll was supposedly a respectable, high class man. The oxymoron ‘trampled calmly’ shows a duality between good and evil as well as juxtaposing Jekyll’s reputation. This raised suspicions of Jekyll with his friends along with the reader.
Setting also plays a part in the novel


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