At that I liked working with children (with

At the Private After School I have been taught the first basics of being a teacher and I realised that I liked being one. The interactions with the children were always new – they all had different needs, questions and approach. There I started to realise that I liked working with children (with them you can`t get bored)- to be their role model was something that I felt as being inspired by their wish to be like me – and made me to strive more and never disappoint in my work.
At ISB I met new people, I had a larger environment for a working place, bigger responsibility and new strategies to learn. Since I was fascinated by the new I wanted to learn as much as possible in a short amount of time so I could catch up with the others. And the directors here observed this and helped me to achieve more.
As I am a person who likes to have achievable short-term goals on the way to reach the long term goal- my next step is to be Head of T.A.s.


I'm Mary!

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