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At the age of 16 Mitch Bickel was put behind bars. Mitch Bickel believed to be innocent while his teachers and authorities found him guilty. He grew up with a normal life he had a Mom a Dad and three sisters.

Sadly his 12 year old sister Grace was recently diagnosed with cancer and his 2 older sisters were at college. His Dad was a talented engineer that worked 6 days a week. Marvs Mother staid at home to take care of his sister Grace. Life was good, Mitch went to highschool like every kid his age and went to basketball practice after school. Mitch also had a girlfriend named Maggie, she was a cheerleader.

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12-19-17School was terrible today, Maggie broke up with me and I think I failed my biology test. Mr.Grover told me that failing this test is going to cost me my space on the team. At least basketball practice was good, coach claimed he was in a good mood and let us scrimmage instead of running drills.

12-21-17 Christmas is in 4 days and Grace told me that all she wanted for christmas was to get better or at least for mom to stop worrying. I told her there’s not much i can do but i asked what the next best thing she would want. She finally told me after minutes and said that she would love to have an ipad to keep her entertained during the day. I told her that I would make sure got it, the only problem is there is no way i can afford and ipad.12-22-17 I was calling my older sisters today and asked when they were coming home. They told me that they are staying in california for christmas instead of coming back to colorado.

I was so mad that I chucked my phone across my bedroom. This could possibly be graces last christmas and they are not even coming home.12-23-17 Dad walked in the door from work today at 12:30, I asked why he was home from work so early and he told me that he got laid off. My body felt faint, with Dad losing his job there is no way that they will help me get Grace an Ipad. Worst of all they are going to soon run out of money to pay for all of Graces medicine and operations.

This is going to be the worst Christmas ever. All I want is for Grace to get better.12-24-17 Noon Christmas Eve. I can’t afford to pay for an Ipad so I am going to have do something different.

This is risky, but definitely worth it. I’m going to steal one. I’m going to leave for the bus to target at 12:3012-24-17 2:00 pm I made it out with the ipad, but barley. Luckily my friend agreed to be my getaway car. Now all i have to do id wrap it and put it under the tree. One problem Mom and Dad know I dont have the money to pay for it.


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