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At this point, medical specialist still does not have any specific guidelines with regards to the real cause of cerebral palsy. Prematurely-born babies as well as unborn child who has already damage to the brain are most susceptible from acquiring such disease. There are also cases where children who need breathing aid for more than a week are also at high risk of getting cerebral palsy. However, the problems usually develop before childbirth and physicians are still uncertain of how such problem develops and what its causes are as well.Keep in mind that you can not immediately notice if your child has cerebral palsy. In most cases, the signs and symptoms are only coming out if your child is now around 1 and half years old and trying to crawl or sit. Normally, a pediatric neurologist is the medical specialist who diagnoses a child if he/she has cerebral palsy.  They can give accurate medical advices about the type of cerebral palsy that your child has as well as how to look after him/her.Even if your child is diagnosed with cerebral palsy, it is not a hindrance for him/her to attend school and live normally just like other children. Obviously, there are some activities which your child can not participate. In this case, the understanding of school staff and other students is needed. They must give you child the time to speak with other children around as well as to get around the school. Your child knows what he wants to say and it only takes some time to finish his sentences completely– just enough time from people around him/her to express their care.You may also consult an orthopedist in order to lessen some of the problems brought by cerebral palsy. He/she will be able to tell you the necessary physical workouts as well as other forms of treatment that will be needed in freeing your child from the effects of cerebral palsy even partially.However, keep in mind that taking care of your child with cerebral palsy will lead you to huge financial cost when it comes to treatment, special equipment that he/she may be used, education, and their everyday cost of living. Although it can give you that financial burden, it is nothing compared to the happiness that your child will feel because he/she knows that you care even their condition is like that. That is what the importance of caring for your child with cerebral palsy—making them feel that they are still important members of the family as well as the society where they belong.


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