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Atthe end of the fourth week my work is centered, was a bit more advanced in termsof work and what has been done. I had the chance to meet up with clientsshadowing head of SME “Small Medium Enterprises “in addition to conducting asite visit on one of the bank existing clients, where the bank has financedtheir project. I also have an opportunity to go through the different types ofproposals that corporate banking processes, such as new proposal, renewal, and amendment.

New proposal is for new clients, renewal is conducting a review on a clientevery 12 months, and amendment is basically a change in the facility thathappens between two renewals and it only Week 4Date: 26-30 November 2017 No Hours: 40 hours I am also follow upwith relation manger (RM) the expiry of KYC , valuation and fire insurance thatgive me more understanding that when and how update the requirement per monthor yearly. In main time I can help the trade finance department in their pendingfilling and support them in their work in very basic way. Even I am collectingall documents from Salalah as a mention and submit to cad approval  , its help a lot and give my more idea aboutthe process which is go step by step. I relies during my this experience inbank sector that at every workplace, teamwork is an effective approach for thecompletion of the work and along with this it enhances the performance of allthe members I the team. Week 3 Date: 19-23 November 2017 No Hours: 40 hours I am also workingwith RNs to help them with their filling. Usually RMs receives customerinstructions, Agreements, supporting documents, KYC Documents which needs to befiled in specific files as well as they need to be the relevant departments. Idispatch the received documents as required and do filling. I am also readingproposal and proposal writing.

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I am learning to understand nature of eachproposal and what are the requirements to be done. There are different types ofproposal. I am taking minutes of the meetings between RM and head ofdepartments. I also actively support RMa under pressures and do my best tocomplete all tasks.

Week 2Date: 12-16 November 2017 No Hours: 40 hours    The rules ofgranting credit to senior shareholders, directors and senior management, Bankemployees and their relatives, establishing the rules for approval of grantingcredit, the rules for obtaining information, the documents to be granted forgranting credit, the authority to grant credit, establishing independentauditing rules for credit. At the beginning ofmy daily business, I am considered to be the first point of contact between theChief Executive Officer of Maisarha Islamic Banking Services (referred to asCebu Register) and Corporate Banking. Since the Bank is considered an investmentadvisor accredited by many companies and institutions, a source for the successof its financial and commercial movements. I submit these proposals to theChief Executive for consideration and, after taking action on this matter, Ireceive these documents from Cebu’s office to communicate with the businessestablishments.

Also work as support staff for the corporate banking team.There are different teams in the company team. For example, institutions sendone of their employees to terminate transactions at the bank. I receivedocuments from clients on behalf of self-owners. In addition, I assist inproviding account statements and balance confirmation certificates. In casemanagers are busy they even provide a schedule for customers that want to meetin a week and support in determining meetings for them. On the one hand, Isupport the Shalala team on all matters related to the head office, includingdirecting their proposals to relevant approvals and assisting them in obtainingand sending documents related to their clients from operations. It also followsthe deficiencies in the documents that include the expiry of the insurance andfollow up for renewal and other periodic documents and other office work.

Ialso follow the Risk and Business section related to the department and bankingsystems, for the availability of an appropriate climate for credit riskmanagement in the sense that the Board of Directors of the Bank approves theimportant strategy and policies for the granting of credit like, The Bank’swillingness to take risks and the level of profitability required as a resultof the quality of its credit portfolio and the diversity of credit risks andlimits of credit risk. Identifying possible types of credit to customers andidentifying sectors (industries) and geographical areas that could be granted credit.Setting maximum limits on credit granting periods and bases for credit pricing.Week 1, Date:05-09 November 2017 No Hours: 40 hours  Reflectionlog     5-Therole of Islamic banks in developing and innovating financial services andproducts capable of responding to the needs and requirements of the market andsupporting the corporate sector. Small and Medium Enterprises and Emerging Initiatives;Prospects for Islamic Capital Markets; the most prominent difficulties inestablishing legal rules and applications under civil laws and a traditionalglobal banking system; ways of dealing with multiple jurisprudential standardsand differences Practices; the challenge of innovation and structuringfinancial products under legal restrictions.4-It also meets theneeds of a class of the Muslim public that prefers to retain funds to beemployed by traditional banks that are profitable to be placed in the serviceof development purposes both financial and economic to contribute to thedevelopment of communities.3- In addition,Islamic banks offer all other banking services provided by commercial banksfrom guarantees and credits.

There is no difference in this regard. Islamicbanking has introduced into the market new mechanisms that have differentcharacteristics from conventional banking in mobilizing savings and attractinginvestments. 2- The secondsection focuses on the role of Islamic banks in the economic and socialdevelopment of society, through the provision of a charity street or theprovision of good loans or the establishment of social projects.1- The first ofwhich concerns the Islamic Bank as a financial institution seeking profit sothat it can continue to market. This is done by attracting deposits anddeveloping them in what is considered one of the most important objectives ofIslamic banks.

And then invest these deposits in the right way legitimate:Mudharba, Musharka, Ijar.The objectives ofthe Islamic banks are divided into two parts, Islamic banks alwaysstrive to achieve a range of economic and social objectives, in accordance withthe principles of Islamic Sharia.The aim of the Islamic banks is not only tomake profit, but also to achieve the Islamic approach in transactions, in orderto contribute to the development of the Islamic community.Recommendation                                                                              


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