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At first glance, MOS Burger, McDonald and Burger King would seem to share the same positioning. They are all fast food franchises and one would be forgiven for thinking that they all come for the same place and market towards the same people. However, with a bit more research, they would realise that while all three of these franchises serve fast food, there is a vast difference between MOS Burger and both McDonalds and Burger King.

First of all, I will be explaining positioning. Strategic positioning is defined by a company changing the way they work the market, in order to stay on top. Most companies describe their positioning based on their customer base and use the information gathered from this customer base in order to satisfy that sector of the market.MOS Burger is a famous fast-food service that was founded in Japan in the year 1971. Currently, MOS Burger is now the second largest fast-food service in Japan after McDonald. MOS outlets have successfully expanded into overseas markets as well, such as Taiwan, China and even here in Singapore.

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MOS Burger is deemed different from McDonald and Burger King with it’s ‘cook to order’ concept. The food is only cooked after the customers order in order to ensure the freshness of the foods. MOS Burger also use rice buns and many other Japanese sauces such as teriyaki sauce in order to pay homage to its origin country.

This has made MOS stand out from the crowd, as well as it’s emphasis on providing healthy and delicious food that is freshly prepared. MOS burger works to satisfy the young adult market, people who are more health-conscious and who look for a twist or uniqueness in their food. An example of this could be a businessman looking for something quick, new, cheap and healthy to eat before a meeting, as well as those of who are growing more health-conscious when looking for suitable restaurants to eat at.

McDonald’s and Burger King both share a similar positioning. Both were founded in the United States of America and hold a more family-friendly approach. McDonald’s has made itself to be a family friendly low-cost restaurant. They often have playgrounds in many restaurants, hold birthday parties, feature family-friendly ads and stick to the trademark Happy Meal. The clown mascot is almost considered to be an icon in children’s lives and McDonald’s frequently partners with different companies in order to change up the toys supplied with the meals.Burger King, though quite similar, varies slightly from McDonald as well


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