Assuming to have a sophisticated understanding of the

Assuming the higher quality, expensive “upmarket” car brand (BMW, AUDI, MERCEDES BENZ).

The advertising campaign should be focusing on exclusiveness, targeting well-heeled audience. The core objective will be locating this audience and transmitting appropriate information to evoke the desired effect (increase in sales). The aim should be focused on creating high brand value by highlighting heritage, craftsmanship, prestige, uniqueness.

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It is important to ascertain that the well-off, educated, upper class is going to have a sophisticated understanding of the product.  The expected maintenance and operating costs as well as possible resale value are therefore viable advertising points. This is derived from the fact that the automotive industry is dictated by short product life cycles of around 2-3 years. Except the technicalities, focus can be shifted towards the customer. Good example is the “The Joy of Driving” and “At BMW we don’t make cars, we make Joy” theme from BMW. This particular strategy might be focused more towards sport models (BMW 2010).

On the contrary AUDI choose approach of direct comparison towards competitors on the market based on car enthusiast magazine’s technical overviews (AUDI 2010). Generally best strategies to be implemented are: premium strategy “pay more, get more”, the objective is the highlighting of the product based on comparison and benchmarking and luxury strategy that aims to create highest brand value by utilizing all the parameters and design up to the maximum advantage. Constant innovation related to the substantial research and development investments in the automotive industry is trying to deliver on customer’s needs (Sturgeon 2009). Current environmental concerns and sustainability issues can be combated by marketing focused on hybrid vehicles, thus improving image of company even though the sales of respective product are still marginal (KPGM, 2017). There are several key points that are to be evaded. Information related to the car’s fuel efficiency might imply cheapness. It might appeal more towards younger families and working professionals located in their early life who care about the budget.

Comedy serves as a mass appealing strategy that is usually used by the other end of spectrum brands. It is important to set clear distinction. In the case of more expensive cars, the impact of second-hand market is also lesser.Advertising Strategy Foundation: Advertising is an integral part of the automotive industry.

Upmarket brands should focus slightly more on value sales rather than volume sales. Due to the fact that all the German car manufacturers are quite well established in the region, it is important to keep the loyalty of customers. Unfortunately, studies show that penetration strategy targeting new customers is three times more effective (IPA 2010).  Business objective : Increase in value sales for premium models and increase in volume sales for cheaper models.Advertising objective : Advertisement could work in many different ways, differencing by car model or specific service etc.Product differentiation : In this case the product quality and import should be highlighted. In the case of BMW “interrogating the product until it confesses to its strengths” (BMW IPA, 1994).

Balance of emotion and rational information : To achieve highest advertising impact balancing of rational and emotional information customized for the specific product is important. Clear vision : For campaign to succeed it is fundamental to create a clear brand philosophy and tone for advertising. The individual campaigns for models and services should be executed in common theme, so that they can support each other and build momentum.Suggested strategy would be penetrating new markets with the rational advertisement of new models, while keeping the loyalty of customers through emotional advertising of supportive services.

Good advertising strategy should fulfill this designated business objective. The respective segments of potential business goals to be achieve dby advertising strategy are described next.Advertising Strategy Targeting:Launching new product: Aim is to communicate news related to the launching of new model by using the highest impact method.Extending the product cycle: Persistent well executed campaign could not just introduce but also prolong the expected life cycle of a product, thus slow down the imminent decline.Demand management: Advertising could create a build up of expectation if launched before introducing product. This strategy might be effective on car enthusiasts.

Differentiation of parity products: By using an emotional type of advertising the feel of distinctiveness can be achieved. This might apply to model variations from the same production line, for the purpose of increasing sales by reaching wider spectrum of potential customers.Shifting value perceptions: Creating the feel of exclusiveness and uniqueness through emotional advertising is important for upmarket products. Especially expensive models often achieve the price premium ceiling through this method. On the other hand it is possible to boost the perception of affordability.

Simplification of customer journey: Focus on additional services like warranty and their quality.Increasing residual value: Increasing brand value affects all previous sectors. Let’s assume that the main segment of potential customers is a well-off class of working professional, presumably male, over 35 years of age with annual pay – Gross (£) ? 30 000.

According to the ACORN’s division of consumers the target category would be “Affluent Achievers” and maybe potentially “Rising Prosperity”.


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