Assignment must be aware problem. Air pollution, which

AssignmentCommittee: General Assembly Economic and Financial CommitteeTopic: Responsibilities of Consumers and ProducersCountry: Brazil 1.        Make a brief introduction on the situation of production and consumption waste in your country and related domestic regulations.The economy of Brazil is the world’s ninth largest economy by nominal GDP and eighth largest by purchasing power parity.

Brazil produces electronic appliances, some iron and steel, and textile categories. As for agriculture business, large populations do animal husbandry, grow and produce crops like corns, soybeans, cheese, and beef. Recent years, in order to fit the need of increasing consumptions, Brazilians expending its scale in production, so the problem of polluting is worsening. For example, meat husbandry has made Brazil’s greenhouse effect rising to a dangerous level. Wastewater issue has become a must be aware problem. Air pollution, which was caused by over producing and consuming, is also a serious issue that we have to be aware of.  2.

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        What measures have your country taken to restrict production pollution emission?To improve these problems, Brazil had made some laws. There are restricted areas include wetlands, Pantanal plains and slopes. And Brazil has one of the biggest hydrologic potential in the world, but there are water issues too, such as droughts, floods and the pollution of water bodies. Today, the Sanitation Secretariat (SNS) under the Ministry of Social Welfare (MAS), administers water issues.

Moreover, there’s the Industrial Pollution Control and Prevention Law, Fresh Water Pollution Control Law, and Supplementary Law 40 to help improve pollution problems in Brazil. 3.        Does your country have any regulations regarding sustainability claims?If yes, what are the regulations? If no, what relative regulations can possibly be adopted in your country?In 2012, the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (UNCSD, RIO +20) conference which held in Brazil discussed the idea of Green Economy within the context of Sustainability Development and Poverty Eradication and Institutional Framework for Sustainable Development. Their goal was to make promises in sustainability claims and decrease the distances between these cooperated countries. Brazil has participated in this issue and has improved a lot in polluting problems. Also, Brazil volunteered and promised the UN (United Nations) to reduce carbon emissions.

Us, Brazil, is trying hard to improve our pollution problems in order to continue the sustainability claims, we believe that Brazil can be a lot better after all these hard works. 4.        In the fast fashion industry, what character does your country represent(producers or consumers)? On behalf of this character, what can your country do to reduce the damage to the environment?The textile and clothing industry are a major part of the Brazil’s manufacture, Brazil represents producers in the fast fashion industry. The mass production of cheap clothing is an enormous waste of resources, which also damaged the environment a lot. To solve these rapidly growing problems, we made the following solutions:·         Legislate against factories discard chemicals and pollutants untreated into local water and area.

·         Maintain a strict standard on the material which clothing industry use.·         Control the size of planting area for growing cotton.·         Reduce the extravagant amount of natural resources used in shipping by cooperating with countries, which also export clothing and distribute the import areas. 


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