Assignment thing because the results of it are

Assignment 8Student name: P NtlemoStudent Number: 63175967″Is greed good, perhaps?”No, it is not good at all, since the results of it are bitter, shame and painful; in that he will lose everything that he has made effort to get it.

PART A”Do the right thing-Deontology”Kant might have said Gekko’s speech was unethical, since according to his formula of universal law, Gekko’s action will fail at step 3. If all shareholders Teldar paper will all be greed like Gekko, that will affect the their interest, and that will affect the performance of the of Teldar Paper, since they will drive to make more money that will benefit themselves not Teldar Paper and that will lead to loss in the company of Teldar paper and that will affect employees of Teldar Paper, in that they will lose their job because Teldar Paper is no longer making profit or income. According to Kant if Gekko’s action cause any harm to subordinate or employees in in a way of benefiting him and on the other hand affecting other negatively, to Kant he has acted immorally.”ME, ME, ME! – Egoism”According to my view, this shows that Gekko is a majority shareholder in Teldar Paper Company and that makes him to think that think that is better than anyone within the organisation. Gekko sees greed as a motivator which makes him to be arrogant and self-centred, where he cares and think of raising his own needs, rather than thinking of the needs for employees. This will lead to competition between shareholders and employees and this will affect the performance of the Teldar Paper Company, since competition will makes employees not like their jobs. And if employees don’t like what they’re doing, their performance will suffer. I agree that greed serve as a motivation, but it is not good thing because the results of it are painful and bitter, since we will end up losing everything we have.

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“Fair’s Fair- Distributive Justice”According to my view, where there is greedy, it is highly impossible for fair and equality to prevail. Gekko’s action will cause inequality between shareholders, since there will be inequality of income and opportunities, where some shareholder will gain more interests while others will lose interests and that will lead to unfair and inequality in the company of Teldar Paper. It is clear that there will be competition between shareholders of Teldar, because their aim is to gain more profit than others.

Greedy can also cause unequal distribution of wealth between shareholders of the Telder Company. This prove that Greedy and fair or equality do not go hand in hand, since greedy means to get more than others while equality means to get fair share among shareholders. PART B Summary of assignment 4This shows that people are self-centred, where they care and think of their own needs, rather than thinking of the needs for others. This reveals that leaders or people who can maintain themselves think that they are better than poor people since they have nothing to compete with. Egoism lead to where leaders/rich people or people in general where people who can maintain themselves think that there is nothing to worry about because they have more opportunities. This is where rich/people who can maintain themselves tend to think about themselves and ignore those street children because they think that those poor children chose to be on the street.My answer is totally incompatibleIn assignment 4, I expressed how greedy people think about the poor people and also how they feel about poor people while in assignment 8 I expressed what causes people to be greedy and how negatively and positively greedy can affect themselves and also others.My discussion of virtue ethics and answer the three key questions we posed in relation to this particular issue:Do I really practice the values I am describing?;Yes, I do practice values, since I am not self-centred and I care about incoming generationCan I really claim that these are my virtues?Yes, I do claim my virtue Is what I am saying really what I do?Yes


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