ASEAN depends on those three principles with

ASEAN Community
As you know ASEAN had a vision to make strong region for the people (since southeast asia states are not most developed as other countries) but it was never official but they needed a plan to do so. So at the 9th summit in 2003 ASEAN decided to establish the ASEAN community, an official documented plan to bring together the states to build a better region based on the principles of peace, prosperity and people. The road to the ASEAN community depends on those three principles with peace as the number one step to achieving this. As there are so many countries they must ensure all countries work together in harmony and not start any big conflicts and that could damage this plan as well as keeping the country safe from things such as terrorist but then it proved that they haven’t been living up to this principle after the surabaya terrorist attack. Prosperity is important for the member states as it ensures that their countries material and economic needs can be met for the wellbeing of that country’s population as well as improving the quality of life for the people. And that leads to the last principal of people is the most important as countries are there for the people and they should have a comfortable way of life,clean environments, good opportunities and a good connection with the neighboring countries. ASEAN community is divided into three pillars; as an political-security community to ensure peace, as an economic community with a strong domestic market and as an socio-cultural community The ASEAN community is a good idea and most people would want this to happen but there still hasn’t been much change to most peoples lifestyle since they have made this plan. Such as indonesia we still have a unhygienic environment and illnesses as well as not much improvement of pollution they should try to start fixing these problems on the ground and start building up to their goal.


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