As people. (Rawls). They accepted the world

As we look at Roman culture and their values, we learn that they played an important role in the ancient world. It’s clear that the Romans were very influential; hence they are continuously studied all over the world. The Roman value system was strongly influenced by practicality, eclecticism, and imperialism. These values shaped Roman culture and taught them how to live their lives.
Practicality- Practicality is being in practice or effect and since the Romans have always been “more concerned with practice than theory,” they are considered very practical people. (Rawls). They accepted the world as it was instead of trying to find newer and better things. (Rawls, p. 187, 2016). One example of their practicality is their creation of the aqueduct system. By creating such a system, the Romans no longer had to go to the river to collect water. Another example would be that they displayed the world as it really was in their art.


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