As plays an active role in alerting LTHT

As was suggested in theframework of researches and guidance of NICE, LTHT as alike many otherhospitals in Britain has already been increasing its staffing number to coverthe need of increased demand for medical treatment as the population is gettingaged and safety issues in response to the increased demand would be of muchmore importance as a public service part. LTHT apart from internal statisticalmonitoring system that aims to inspect the safety issues as well as giving outways of solutions to tackle the staffing recruitment dilemmas, it is now alsoenduring regular external monitoring by the organization Care QualityCommission(CQC), an organization dedicating itself to improvement of Britishhealth care service quality. The measures CQC has adopted as links ofevaluation of hospitals are also well-established ways of measurement forLTHT’s internal evaluation and statistical analysis activities. Commonmeasurements such as the number of hired nurses/ nurses with certainqualifications (such as registered nurses rather than interns or residentnurses). The regular external inspection with respect to certain indexes wellplays an active role in alerting LTHT on improvement in certain aspects. Tonote that it has given comment as ‘Require Improvement’ in terms of the abilityto provide safe services in LTHT which is below average and an organizationalissue in a large hospital as alike the LTHT that possessed more than 15,500employees within the organizations, when compared to other aspectssimultaneously being evaluated and measured (CQC, 2016).  Historically andcurrently, measurement referring to the actual staff numbers especially thenurses or say registered nurses (RNs) is a dominant and basic measurement inevaluating the hospitals’ ability to provide a safe and trustful services tothe patients it receives in the daily operations. Partly due to theconsideration of CQC in the way that considering the number of staffs currentlyemployed in LTHT did not match up with the daily receipt of patients andpatient turnover with LTHT, thus the comment of ‘Require Improvement’ is to saythat CQC regarded further improvement to be done on the number of staffexpansion in the future.

However, the increasedcosts meaning increased expenditure, it is difficult to simply add up staffnumbers without careful consideration on the cost effect as well as thebeneficial it brings along.  Sometimes,the increased costs if to expand the staff member groups would push thehospital on the edge of collapse, as the financial risk will be too high iffixed wages arises from the staff salaries increase and also if correspondingincrease in revenues fails to cover the increased costs then the financialdeficit will create a negative circus for hospitals to further expand the staffmembers within the groups and hospitals.The data used to underpinthe ideas, statements as well as theses in the report mainly comes from thedatabase ESR, E-rostering as well as Datix. Specifically, ESR and the E-rosteringsystem that were both put into use for the recording and planning activities ofon the time and space of which the employees in LTHT are when medical incidentsoccur. Electronic staff records ease the complexity of data process andpreservation as well as makes it much simpler as it could accumulate data on ayearly basis which is quite helpful as time passes by (Griffith, 2017). Besidesthe electronic data systems, the paper versions of evidence or data forms willalso be collected as supplements or as substitute of electronic data ifelectronic version is not accessible or available.

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To mention that the cost ofobtaining the correctness of data is also not a strict obedience to 100% levelof confidential as of the considerations of costs-and-benefits a 95%confidential will be default level of making LTHT high level of managementbelieves on the results delivered based on the not-exactly-correct data. Key measurements such asnumber of deaths reported of inpatient adults, number of qualified nurseswithin the LTHT, employee payrolls per week basis, number of complaintsreceived per month and turnover of inpatient patients and so on will beexamined and measured for further analysis. Inpatient mortality is one of themost sensitive and thus important measurement when referring to the servicequality of one hospitals (Needleman et al, 2011). Number of qualified nurseswithin the LTHT is weighing more as this measurement is playing outstanding andpositive role whether by the independent third party who specializes inevaluating hospitals’ performance status or by the hospital who tries to figureout the most cost-efficient as well as ethical responsible number ofstaff.  Employee payrolls per week basisis often important for hospitals to evaluate from a cost-benefit angle to viewthe properness of certain levels of addition in terms of staff number duringcertain period. Protesters against the increase in staff number argued thepotential risk in terms of financial aspect and may finally leads to the collapseof the hospital deficit occurs as consequence (Carter, 2016). The rate ofturnover in LTHT is one the most observable variables affecting the actualnumbers needed to hire.


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