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As the use of technology is becoming more integrated into society, its impact on parenting shows effects in both positive and negative ways for the children. Technology can be used to monitor children’s activity to ensure their safety. Parents can now also watch over their children’s school education through better communication with their teachers. However, some parents can become too controlling on their kids by restricting their device use, which can worsen relations between the parent and child. Additionally, a parent’s overuse of technology can also cause a disconnect in interaction with their kids. Due to exposure to the internet, new threats can also pose a risk to a child’s online safety. There are many effects on parenting due to technology that can impact how parents take care of their kids.    Technology can play a part in responsible parenting. For example, parents can track their children’s location by using a device such as a GPS that can be implemented to the child’s cellular device. By doing this, parents can use their mobile device to monitor their child’s movements and location every five minutes. In a case where there is a kidnapping, the device will alert the parent through an app that detects that their child is too far away from home. Technology can also be used to give advice on parenting. Parents can search up helpful information on how to take care of kids or what to do if children are sick or injured. Christine Ngo 2Organ has explained how parents can use technology to stay connected with their kids. As a parent, keeping a check on your kids to see if they are fine is very important. By just installing an app on their devices that will let only the parents and their kids in a group chat, they can communicate to each other wherever they are. Additionally, the app can automatically disable notifications for those that are currently in a car, so they don’t get distracted while driving. With new developments in technology, it’s now easier to protect your children by keeping an eye on them by using new applications.    For most parents, having a good education for their kids is very important. Now with technology, a better communication between teachers and parents on how their kids are doing in class is now possible. Parents can even check online to see if their kids have school assignments. It a helpful way to keep kids stay focused on schoolwork, rather than letting them slack off. Additionally, educational videos can be found online to help kids understand their subjects in school. An organization called Khan Academy is a non-profit program that helps educate students and teachers all around the world. They include practice exercises and study materials that any student can use, and most practice exercise questions are supported with a video that can help visual learners. Plus, Khan Academy has published The Official SAT Study Guide textbook that provides support in every subject area by giving helpful resources and examples to all learners.    While technology makes parents have more control over their kid’s school work, certain parents may become way too strict on their kids because they have more control over them. For example, parents can set up a timer for their kid’s wifi. Although it seems like a good Ngo 3idea to have less screen time for them, some parents can become way too strict to their kids by only giving them two hours a day, which caused them to have a bad relationship with their parents. However, there is a program software that helps kids manage their screen time on connected devices named unGlue. Shwartz, the creator of unGlue, wants to give kids more control at what time they want to be on their connected device. Rather than forcing them on when the internet is available, unGlue will match the online time with their schedule. Instead of having to follow their parent’s strict guidelines, kids can access the internet anytime as long as they don’t go over the time limit. As long as parents don’t abuse technology way too much and give their kids a little freedom, the use of technology can be beneficial to parents and their children.    As technology becomes more advanced, it changes way of parents interact with their kids. With the increase in technology use, parent attention has been taken from their child. Instead, they now focus more on social media, rather than spending time with their kids. A study shows that there is a link between the increase in parent device use and the decrease of verbal communication among parents and children. About 23.1% of mothers around the age of thirty have a tendency to use their device, which affects their verbal and nonverbal communication with their kids. Technology can be beneficial as long as parents don’t abuse or overdo it, so parents can realize that the time they spend with their children is important to their growth.    While some parents can understand why they would use technology to protect their child from danger, over-reliance on technology can also cause increased anxiety for other parents. Before digital technology, parents would set their kids loose to play outside and tell Ngo 4them “Do not talk to strangers”. Nowadays, parents just let their kids connect online after coming home from school, but not many parents are checking that their kids are staying online safely. Online social media like Facebook and Snapchat let kids stay online for hours without spending time outside of the house. This can lead to other consequences such as exposing themselves to cyber bully attacks or meeting suspicious people online. In 2013, twelve-year-old Rebecca Ann Sedwick committed suicide after being attacked mercilessly online by cyberbullies. Her parents didn’t even know that she was getting bullied on Facebook before it was too late. Not only cyberbullying was a problem, but children also won’t learn any good manners, respect for adults, or sense of responsibility due to not doing their homework because they’re spending so much time being online.    In conclusion, there are many factors that come into play when a parent uses technology to take care of their kids. By showing that technology can help to ensure children’s safety whenever where they are. Better communication between teacher and parent on how kid are doing in class. However, some parent can become too controlling on their kids by restricting their device use, which can worsen relations between the parent and child. Additionally, a parent’s overuse of technology can also cause a disconnect in interaction with their kids. Due to exposure to the internet, new threats can also pose a risk to a child’s online safety.


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