As have changed this concept, women become

As time goes, society has changed a lot which compare with the past decades ago. Especially women roles, women roles have a large change compare with 1950. There were a lot of nuclear families at that time, women roles were described as domestic engineer, they should take care of the whole family. For example, women cooked for whole family, wash clothes. The head of household should be men. Earning money is men job, most of jobs can only do by men.

Women should look attractive instead of sexual. Women should have a family so that they are happiness and successful. Now we have changed this concept, women become independent, they can chase their dreams. Women can do men job, even that they can do better. Women can be independent without husband.

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At that the Tv was invented in 1950, after that Tv became a powerful medium at that time. Tv always performed that time concepts, uphold some messages that dominate the time. lots of Tv programs about white middle family; nuclear family; father are head of family, mother was domestic engineer, children were naïve and dependent. These concepts dominated the popular discourse in 1950. Women without sex on Tv show.

Women be talked that good girls don’t be virgin until, women should look attractive but not be sexual. There were many advertisements told women how they did to be successful. On the barbie’s advertisements, it spread some messages that women were effeminacy, they need to be a beautiful girl like barbies’ dolls, so that they would be popular. White Barbie dolls withelegant women’s clothes, saying, “Beautiful Barbie will be like you one day, until then I don’t know what to do.

” It said that girls should elegant but not sexual. The poem about pillow talk also mention that women should find a man, get marriage they would be happiness. The event of Miss America is a publicity stunt which is promoted by Atlantic City businessmen in 1921. The first Miss America pagelet was Margaret Gorman. “She was tiny, petite, five one, with blonde, long ringlets who looked very much like Mary Pickford who was the biggest star of the day” (2002 Miss America PBS). The New York Times claims: “Margaret Goleman represents the femininity that Americans need.” The hope of the state lies in this type.

” Marilyn Monroe was popular in 1950, she like the first Miss America pagelet tiny, blond, elegant represent a perfect woman. It was conservative in 1950, beauty pageants, barbie, and Marilyn Monroe were popular at that time, there three examples represented the characteristics for that time women. They were attractive but not sexual, they were elegant. At same time, they also spread the important concept about that time women were domestic engineer for family, they would get marry and become a perfect wife. However, they also imply about race and class. it focused on white women, blond, and tiny were beautiful, all Tv shows around white middle family, other race and class was not prime culture. Now the concept for women has changed a lot, women are equal with men.

The media is constantly changing, which has changed people’s attitudes towards gender roles and norms. Women are not limit to housewife, they can work outside, they can have a happy life without husband. They can chase their dream, more and more a large fortune 500 corporation CEO are women. Tv show also display different race, class.


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