As absence of clarification on the step by

As stated by Mutodi (2014), he asserted that it is really the old-style mathematics classroom setting is considered the reason why students have great anxiety towards mathematics. This old-style of teaching practices comprises of time due dates, teacher as full authority, and public exposure.

He included that the best way(s) to decrease nervousness and perhaps, a feeling of rivalry and pressure among students, is to integrate techniques which consist of less discussion, collaborative, and more student-centered one.It was Hamza, (2013) who added that it as a scenario wherein students feel dissatisfaction in view of the absence of clarification on the step by step process in math procedure. An extra problem came to be the successive idea of mathematics teaching as it turns out to be more tough for them.

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In this manner, the student does not quickly get the instruction or ideas being instructed at a particular point in time (Brady and Bowd, 2005). Furthermore, an excessive number of exercises and drill practices add to disappointment and uneasiness, which leads up to dissatisfaction at not having the capacity to stay attentive in class discussion.


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