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As a nation, we strongly need to take care of our children who suffer from poverty, who are out there on the streets as child labourers and suffer from social isolation to ensure that they don’t grow up in the company of adult offenders.Juvenile delinquency is a complex phenomenon with having its source not in one factor that sponsors it but rather multiple sources. A developmental model needs to be put in place that addresses certain aspects of a juvenile’s life like work, health, relationships and community.

The government needs to enter into a consultation process with the schools, NGOs, law makers and doctors and work on programmes aimed at reducing the delinquent behaviour of juveniles and juvenile delinquency. Also a proper inspection of jails, correctional facilities, detention facilities or any other facility that houses juveniles on a voluntary or involuntary basis needs to be carried out and their impact on the juveniles undergoing rehabilitation needs to be assessed and changes need to be made accordingly in the process. The punishment as well as rehabilitation process for every juvenile must not only be in accordance with the offence but also take into accordance the circumstances that might have prevailed. Juvenile Justice1 administration is a part of the judicial process that deals with juvenile delinquency. Juveniles are kept in observation homes during the course of the trial and are taken to Juvenile courts during the course of hearing. It is strongly recommended that these two institutions be located in the same place since it creates a psychological impact on the Juvenile wherein he may feel that he is being treated like a criminal. Many countries across the globe are moving away from policies of deterrence to that of restorative and reformative justice.

 When it comes to India, we too have a fairly reasonable law that takes into account universally recognized principles. However, the way forward is to give more importance to rehabilitation in the reformative process.


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