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As been researched there has been many people trying to help the problem of nitrogen pollution in the long islands bays. While there has been many laws past about cesspools begin stop or garbage disposal begin stopped and many meetings about how they will help the community from toxication waters there is one person who has had a big impact on long island and that is Steve Bellone. One reason to why he has helped the community a lot is by announcing the ‘Reclaim our Water’ initiative that would be the greatest investment in clean water infrastructure in generations for are community on long island. One big concern that Steve bellone has was about how its been getting out of control.

As Steve bellone said “The alarming increase of nitrogen pollution from septics and cesspools in Suffolk County’s surface and ground waters is leading toward an ecological collapse,”  “Nitrogen pollution adversely affects our coastal resiliency, our environment, our economy, our land values, our tourism industry and our recreational use of our waters.  We must take immediate and decisive action to remediate the decades of nitrogen pollution.” As many citizens deeply expressed their happiness to Steve bellone to have the most aggressive charge to fight the nitrogen pollution. Steve Bellone kept his world and because of his project the funding to design the project reduced nitrogen to the Forge River by a lot.

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However because of Steve Bellone construction costs there were estimated to be about over $300 million. This project will not be affordable without substantial federal and state support. As already known Steve bellone also told us that “70% of the nitrogen pollution in the Great South Bay comes from unsewered residential properties,” “Suffolk County has 360,000 unsewered homes, which is more than the entire state of New Jersey.”  and county Executive Bellone stated that Suffolk County has listed about three priority sub-regions to target for sewage upgrades which are our densely populated areas surrounding the Forge River, Connetquot River, and Carlls River. As so one major reason to why this project is going down hill is because of is major cost limit. Not being able to built these because of un sufficient money. That will lead to cheaper designers that will not officially do the same.

Steve bellone explained to us that he in his power is doing the best he can to keep his citizens waters as healthy and clean as possible for them. Steve bellone also answered some of our questions about his future plans about the nitrogen problem. He deeply express that he has many ideas in mind but isn’t sure if that will help. He said we as the people have a huge factor to play in this especially with our problems of using harsh chemicals on are yards because that all sinks into are drinking water. Steve bellone also ended of saying that “This year, the company will be helping Suffolk County and at least 16 cities and regions around the world this year address issues ranging from clean water, healthy food, and revenue generation, to job development, efficient transportation and public safety.”


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