As plan being largely unmarred by group dynamics.

As quoted by Suzy Strutner “Travelling solo not only pushes you out of your comfort zone, it also pushes you out of the zone of others’ expectations”.In recent years, this solo trend has been gaining popularity among the Indian travel community due to the unique experience & sheer spontaneity that comes with it. Along with the flow of adventurous adrenaline, the quest to discover oneself becomes a good reason to ready those backpacks and go off to distant places.

Solo travel avoids the whims and fancies of fellow travellers, with your dream travel plan being largely unmarred by group dynamics. And the lure of the open road is obviously undeniable. There is certain richness to transverse over the road than other experiences in the air and water.

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In addition to picking out the destination, there are a lot of scenarios to consider like “best possible route”, “road conditions”, “vehicle status” & many more. If you find a solo long-distance drive so appealing & enjoying, heed these below tips before you kick-start your road trip.1)    Plan Your Schedule, Accurate & PerfectGetting the pace of travel right is the major victory of any road trip. Plan out the exact duration to reach your destination and if you’re going to have short intervals to sleep & relax somewhere, know the places quite well. The more you plan out, the better & smoother the road trip will go.

2)    Inspect The Vehicle And Get Your GPS ReadyThe most important thing before flagging off your solo road trip is to get your bike/car inspected or rent/borrow a comfortable vehicle. The engine, mileage, pickup, tyre condition and the gear transmission are the crucial things to check up. There shouldn’t be any compromise in this aspect as the last thing you want is a troubled mode of transportation.

By the way, carry all the needed documents of the automobile with essential tools & spares.Along with your smartphone with an active GPS, grab paper directions also, in case the mobile switches off and GPS goes haywire. Reliable navigation devices can be hard-wired to the vehicle for real-time tracking and active vehicle location through app or web.3)    Follow Dress Code For An Easy JourneyTo observe a relaxed travel on a two-wheeler, it’s preferable to wear riding pants, ankle boots, riding jacket, gloves & a full-face helmet.

You might feel a bit odd & heavy at first, but after a few minutes into the drive, you’ll feel safer with a great confidence. The entire motorcycle gear can be bought online or in dedicated stores. After all, it’s not just about looking cool on the bike, but riding well as well.4)    Pack It Light, Don’t Over PackMotorcycles are the favourite for road trips and they have a wide range of luggage options available in the Indian market. There are saddle bags for the back seat, tank bags hug on the tank, tail bags bungeed to the back seat and other accessories in different styles & sizes to suit your two-wheeler.

Never over pack stuff while going on a road trip as you’ll have to load and unload the baggage every now and then. Also, roll your clothes instead of folding and basic medicines are a must and should no way be missed.5)    Know Your Limits And Keep Taking BreaksDon’t go overboard in terms of driving hours and try to keep your focus & concentration intact while driving.

Take frequent intervals especially at food junctions and splendid locations, which will only make the drive more memorable. Take some time out to drink water, relax your back, stretch the legs & check the bike. Maintain sufficient cash in hand to avoid any disturbances.6)    Stay In Constant ContactNever switch off your mobile phone during the trip and keep regular contact with family and friends back home. Video calling with Skype can be a good and free way to let people know that you’re fine. Mobile is also a very valuable tool in these long road trips and it also helps get in touch with local friends to book accommodation if necessary.

7)    Get Free From BoredomTravelling alone can sometimes be boring and you won’t like the silence for long. Carry your earphones and use them frequently during halts. Embrace technology by donning a Bluetooth-equipped helmet linking to the mobile. Not only music, it receives calls and follows GPS directions also.Finally, grab a sense of independence and freedom by being out of your comfort zone and gear up to share cool driving stories to people back home.


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