As extreme and lead to the “Cyber-violence”. People

As the popularization of the new technology, network violence has become a new type of infringement that has undeniable harm to society.

Internet and new media provide the netizens an absolute free environment of expression, many people utilize the right of free speech and assert themselves without considering the consequences of their actions. Also, as anonymity behind the screen, people follow the general trend, accept all the information including the rumors. After the interaction with each other, people with the same opinion gathered, direct and motivate the public opinion to the extreme and lead to the “Cyber-violence”. People participated in the “violence” often just seek for entertainment and would not consider themselves are responsible to their comments, but the fact is on the contrary, the words of any people can be the weapon result in unimaginable consequences.New York Times reports that the Rohingya in Myanmar are in the genocide by the Burmese army, violence treats the religious minority in the local area, a large number of Rohingya were displaced. Rohingya genocide seems to be a wholly political and religious issue; however, Facebook has been a crucial factor to the aggravation of the situation.

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As the primary source of news in Myanmar, Facebook has a great deal of false information and posts that propagandize anti-Rohingya, those fake photos and unfounded rumors spreading virally and became the incentive of the Rohingya genocide. The indirect effect on war exposed a gradually severe problem of the new media: the network connects all the individuals and provides them the latest information and an open platform, but the content is neglect of management, and Facebook would not take responsibility for it. Under the situation, people are spreading out the “truth” with the trend without their own judgment; however, thousands of voices add up can lead to the terrible genocide.”They lack the ability to distinguish between a rumor and news… Everything shared on the phone is regarded as true, prompting people to react with emotion and anger,” Just like Vinay Purty, a filmmaker, said to the social media. People simply believed everything from the Internet and ignored to analyzing the reliability of the sources. Thus, the editor of any fake information can trigger countless “verbal abuser” and actual crime in the real world. An Australia teenager model, Dolly is the epitome of victim suffered from by cyber-violence, she was tortured by the speech on Internet, because the bullying and harassment, she ends up her life by suicide.

People have the verbal attack on her are the murderer, and every word is dagger driving Dolly to her death.In the online world, people are less likely to know the truth, most of the people rely on the flimsy evidence, take the moral high ground and criticize others unbridled, but seldom people would ponder over that the target of public criticism might be innocent.Language, the most significant invention of humankind, should not keep being the tools to hurt others; instead, people behind the screen should be the true self, respect each other just like in the real world. 


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