As maybe increase in temperature ( becomes hot

Asour population increases approaching 7 billion, the results of human actionstowards the ecosystem are measureless. Many human activities has affected  the ecosystem. Some of the impacts on theecosystem are climate change, genetic modification, habitat destruction and ozonedepletion.  Climate Change.

Climatechange is one of the major impact . The earth’s climate always rise and fallover time as for many factors. However, according to US EnvironmentalProtection Agency, human acts are the main reason for an increase intemperature around the globe. Human acts hand out to the climate changes bygiving rise to changes in atmosphere through greenhouse gases, aerosols, andcloudiness. The massive reason for the climate change comes from fossil fuelsburning which release carbon dioxide to the earth’s atmosphere.

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Greenhousegases has affected the weather pattern by modifying  the incoming solar radiation and out-goinginfrared radiation. The changes in the weather pattern has caused  changes in the climate. As a result theclimate changes maybe increase in temperature ( becomes hot ) or decrease intemperature ( become cool ).

 Genetic modification.            The main purpose of genetic modifiedorganism especially in plants is to enlarge the harvest so that it can providesufficient food for a huge population. Furthermore, modified plants have a goodquality to become resistant towards disease and parasites. By becomingresistant toward disease and parasites, a huge number of plants can be savedfrom being died. It also can live in extreme temperatures and grow vigorouslyeven with less water.     Habitat Destruction.Habitatdestruction caused by the human acts has affected many species and ecosystem.

Twoexample of habitat destruction is deforestation and desertification. Deforestationtakes place when a forest or stand of trees were cut off, transforming the landto a wasteland. This action causes the ecosystem to be altered drastically andobvious loss of  biodiversity.Deforestation is an outcome of timber harvesting or clearing land foragricultural, commercial or residential use. The loss of biodiversity and treeshave made a different to the ecosystem .

Deforestation can lead into climatechange and extinction and indirectly causing desertification to occur. Desertificationis the degradation of land quality and features low biodiversity, dryconditions and poor soil quality. Deserts is caused by both natural processesand human activities.

However, nowadays the deforestation caused by humanactivities is higher than that that is caused by natural processes. Ozone Depletion.            The ozone layer has its ability toabsorb harmful UV rays that would be injurious to all the living things on theearth. Without an ozone layer, it will be difficult for the living things tolive as usual in a very hot climate .

Ozone is made up of three bonded oxygen’s.Ozone absorbs UV radiation and protect all living things . However some ozone-depletingsubstances which is made up of chlorine and bromine ruin the capability ofozone to absorb UV light.

As a result, plants that are sensitive to UV lightcannot grow vigorously because of extreme temperature whereas human may beaffected by many disease especially skin cancer. According to certain facts, althoughmost chemicals that deplete the ozone layer have been banned, the chemicalsthat have already been released can take upwards of 80 years to reach the upperatmosphere, so it will be some time before our protective boundary will befully functional again.


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