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As their plane crashed down they first saw the island as a surreal fantasy. A fantasy where no adult could ever destroy for these children because there weren’t any! In the Lord of the flies by William Golding, he will make these boys soon come to a realization that the island was no fantasy, but would soon become a harsh reality where each one of them would have to come and face it. An evil beast that would soon come to destroy their fantasy. An imaginary beast that would symbolize the fear that running through the veins of every child on that hopeless, isolated island all, but one.These children with small minds collectively filled with fear,  run away from the beast in which they call the common enemy. The group boys can think of nothing more than how it that finds sanctuary in the branches of the forest.

Each one of them sees the beast as a threat, but one sees the beast as an opportunity to seek power within the group in order to claim the role of the leader which obtains endless power within the group of boy’s. Eric, Simon, Roger, Ralph, Sam, and Piggy all tend to notice that the beast is an enemy, but are unable to see the true threat. Jack proficiently uses the beast as a way to mold the minds of the other boys by establishing the beast as his tribe’s common enemy, idol, and system belief all into one.Jack invokes different aspects of the beast depending on which aspects of the beast he wants to achieve. He uses the boys’ own fear of the beast to not only justify his iron-fisted control of the group and the violence he perpetuates, he also uses the beast as an excuse to bolster his own importance in the tribe. He perpetually ensures that his voice is consistently heard and assures not only himself but as well as the other boys that no one ever disputes his authority nor his way of perspective.For example, when the boys decide they should choose a chief, Jack instinctively speaks up and decides to put himself forth for the role as chief. “Seems to me that we ought to have a chief to decide things”                                                                    “A chief! A chief!””I ought to be chief,” said Jack with simple arrogance.

“Because I’m chapter chorister and head boy. I can sing C sharp.” Another buzz.” Well then, said Jack,’I-‘He hesitated. The dark boy, Roger, stirred at last and spoke up.

‘Let’s have a vote.”Yes!”Vote for a chief!’Let’s vote-‘ (22)He tells the boys that he would make a fine leader due to the fact that he was chapter chorister, he was also head of the boys and he could sing C sharp. Despite the fact that  the boys were voting for Ralph, because he was the one who blew the conch that led them all together showing them a true quality of  a potential leader. Incomparable to the mentally of Jack. In which he truly believes he should be chosen as a leader, because he has the mentally of him becoming an all powerful leader.

We see Jack use the beast as a fear tactic in chapter eight, “Gift for the Darkness,”  “Quiet! Shouted Jack. ‘You, listen. The beast is sitting up here, whatever it is–…

‘Hunting,’ said Jack. His memories brought back as his age-old t. ‘Yes, the beast is a hunter”(126).  The hunters and Ralph have returned from their search for the beast.

They return with the news that they have seen its billowing shape on the mountainside. Jack sees this moment as a potential game changer. He uses this moment to prey on the boys fear.

As he points out the fact that Ralph’s cowardice and his lack of his hunting abilities. Jack uses this as reasons why the boys should choose him to become chief rather than Ralph. For Jack, the beast is an opportunity, a chance, a game changer. He knows that this is his opportunity to rub off the impression that he is stronger and much more heroic than Ralph. He uses the polarizing topic of the beast bring in the spotlight towards himself.

In order to capitalize the boys, the fear of the unknown. The fear of what may lay ahead in the dark and twisted paths that call home to the jungle.Throughout the novel we as the reader see Jack, evolve into a character that would crush his innocence with his bare hands and watch as it crumbles from throughout his fingertips, without hesitation in order to mantine full power of the boys. He comprehends that the boys could simply come together as one and merely overpower him and share power equally as it should be. But Jack holds an entirely independent perspective than what the boys have to share.

He completely understood that the beast was his garante to his throne, his throne to power. Making the beast into a common opponent, idol, and system belief all into one. Jack saw the situation the boys were as the perfect time to put on a show. A show in which the puppet was the constructive idea of the beast and Jack would be the mastermind behind it. As he worked the puppet from the sky.

Perceiving an illusion in which the boys would call “The beast”.Jack was simply just The Marionettist.


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